Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Live(ish) Blog

Well it's a lazy Sunday afternoon, and with the a Brewers Spring Training Game on I'm going to be sitting in front of the TV anyways, so why not jump on the computer and put my blogging pants on? Basically, over the next three hours I'll be posting after every half-inning with some thoughts on the Brew (I'll also have one eye on the Badgers game and the Selection Show).

1st Inning

As I've said before, I don't care if it's Spring Training or not, it's nice to be able to watch a Brewer game. Just having the game on makes it feel 40 degrees warmer, and for some reason I'm craving some brats and a six pack. As for the game... Weeks hit by a pitch, then steals a base after Cameron strikes out. He gets caught in a run down though, and the Brewers already have two outs. Now in the old days, whoever was up next would strike out, inning over. But not this Brewers team! Dillon doubles (who I love love love, and is in for Braun today), Hall bloops an RBI single, and then Corey Hart hits a two run bomb. So when it looks like the Brewers wasted an opportunity, they instead are up 3-0. I'm going to like watching this team this year. Sheets is up next. (Brewers 3, Mariners 0)

Spring Training games are nice because they aren't tailored for TV, so the games so faster. Hardy can't come up with an Ichiro short hop, he gets credit with a single. I've also just noticed Eric Munson is playing first. That could give him an edge in the Munson / Mike Rivera battle. Sheets gets an out, but then gives up a two run shot to Ibanez. Wind helped it a lot, it looked like a routine fly ball for much of the way. Sexson up next, did he fall that hard that fast? Or was he never that good to begin with? He gets an infield hit. Well, take that back about Munson, he gives up an error at first. Brewers are looking awful on defense right now. Sheets is struggling too. He's on an 80 pitch count today according to the broadcast, and he might only end up going two, three innings instead of the five they wished for. Brewers give up a couple more runs. (Mariners 4, Brewers 3).

2nd Inning

Get used to Trenni Kusnierek, Brewers fans. She's the new "sideline" reporter for Brewers telecasts, with previous experience at FSN Pittsburgh and some local Wisconsin stations. She's not bad, seems to know her stuff, and of course, good looking. Still no Craiggers though. Also, I'm still not sure why I'm not living in Milwaukee. Why would I live so far away from the Brewers! My weekends are busy through the end of May, so it may be until June before I get to a game this year. And I was hoping to win the Powerball this week to go ahead with my lifelong goal and go to all 162 Brewer games in a season. Maybe next year. As for the game, Hardy and Kendall get singles, but the Brewers come up with no runs. And the Badgers ar up 11. (Mariners 4, Brewers 3)

Speaking of the Badgers, Travis has this to say: Its hilarious how ESPN makes Joe Lunardi up to be some important bracketology expert. They had him on sportcenter last night and they all mentioned how busy and stressful things have been for him this time of year....I mean come on, all he does is post some column on ESPN that doesn't even matter. The only thing I like about his stupid bracketology page is that it has UW with a 2 seed. Gotta agree with you there Travis, Lundari has one of the sweetest and easiest jobs in the world. Unless stressful means work at ESPN, have a sweet life, get paid to watch sports, then I don't think I agree with Lunardi's complaints.

Back to baseball, Vidro gets on base again after Weeks can't come up with the grounder. Brewers defense has me concerned, but I'm not going to worry about it until the real season. This is their time to work it out. Yikes, Sexson on base after one goes over J.J.'s head. Ben gets out of the inning however. (Mariners 4, Brewers 3).

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3rd Inning

Maddux makes a good point about Sheets, he's not out there to win the game, he's out there to work on his pitches, changeup especially. That's why you can't get worked up over Spring Training results. Meanwhile, Cameron runs one out, but Dillon hits into a double play. Hall knocks one up the middle, but the Brewers can't put any on the board (Mariners 4, Brewers 3)

Cairo gets on, steals a base for the Mariners. I think Sheets will be done after this inning, perhaps they'll get one more out of him. It's getting a little windy at the ballpark, looks like people are cold. Suck it up fans, you're at Spring Training! Well we've had plenty of errors, so why not a wild pitch? That advances Cairo to 3rd. You know, Kendall is a good player, especially defensively, and he's having a great Spring Training. But there's something about him I don't like. It's like I almost don't trust him. I feel like someone forced him against his will to sign with us. I don't know why I feel that way though. Brewers end up getting out of the inning, mainly because of Mike Cameron's arm in center. He caught a fly ball that Cairo didn't want to run on from 3rd. I love Mike Cameron. (Mariners 4, Brewers 3)

4th Inning

Quick Badger update. They win the Big Ten Tournament after winning the Big Ten regular season, dashing Illinois' tourney hopes with a 61-48 lead. There's talk of them getting a two seed, but I still they'll get slighted and wind up with a three. We'll see in about an hour or so. But hey, Conradulations Badgers! (Sorry, congraTulations).

Brewers back at the plate. Munson out. Hardy with a home run! Brewers love the home run ball, this is J.J.'s second in two days. Tied at 4. Gross out, Kendall as well. Wonder if we'll see Sheets come back out. (Brewers 4, Mariners 4)

No Sheets, it's Seth McClung. I hope he makes the team, I think he will. In fact, maybe I'll post a projected roster this week. I like McClung for two reasons. 1) He helped us get Grant Balfour off the team last year. And 2) He was a Devil Ray. They'll always be the "D-Rays" to me, but this year's Rays are expected to at least not suck. The Rays are my favorite non Wisconsin sports team. Just wanted to get that out of the way for when they are good in two, three years and every one jumps on the bandwagon. Just remember, it's perfectly fine to like another baseball team (but make sure it's in the AL, and never root for them over the Brew). McClung's giving up a few hits though, including Sexson's third of the game. TV just showed a good shot of the stadium. It is cloudy. Dark cloudy. Wonder if it will start to rain. If it does, I'm switching over to the selection show. McClung strikes out Wilkerson, then Cairo pops up. (Brewers 4, Mariners 4).

5th Inning

King Felix out of the game for the Mariners, which means we get to sit through some more WMLW promos. Also 23 minutes away from the NCAA Selection Show. When was the last time the Badgers fate was decided during this show? Has there been one? I'm not sure. I also want to take the time to thank you for reading this, if you weren't here for the Live(ish) Blog. I feel like this is an article that will be often skimmed. Dillon bloops one down, moves Cameron to 2nd. Hall is on base too, bases loaded. Weird play by 3rd gets Hart on first, and scores Mike Cameron, with everybody safe. Let's see what Eric Munson can do. Double. Play. (Brewers 5, Mariners 4)

Bottom of the 5th, McClung has worked himself into a jam. Hardy is done for the afternoon, Escobar is in his place. Betancourt has a terrible at bat for Seattle, my fantasy league was deep enough he's actually on my team. McClung working out of the job, Munson throws one back to Kendall for an out at the plate. Wild pitch turns into a pick off for the Brewers, nice work by Seth, and a little luck, get the Brewers out of a jam. (Brewers 5, Mariners 4)

6th Inning

The old Usinger's commercial! Baseball is back. Escobar at the plate, he grounds out. Mike Cameron giving Kendall a hard time while he's interviewing with Trinny. I'm so jealous of Trinny. On a side note I bet she hooks up with Hardy by the end of the season. Meanwhile, Gabe "I Can Only Imagine" Gross hits a home run during the interview. What about putting Hart in center and Gross in right while Cameron is suspended? Unless Gwynn Jr. works in, but I haven't heard much from him lately. Rottino in for Kendall, rooting for him to make the big league roster if only because he's a UW - La Crosse alum. He knocks a single. Flipping over to the Selection Show, UNC gets the number one overall seed. Memphis, UCLA, and Kansas grab the other number one seeds. Nunez in for Weeks, he knocks a single. Nix in for Cameron now, batting .360 this Spring. Down on strikes though. Dillon knocks a runner home. Brewers knock in another, then Kapler goes down. Over in NCAA land, Indiana with an 8 seed, would have to face UNC. Ouch. (Brewers 8, Mariners 4)

(Side note: How does Brady Quinn keep getting sponsorship deals? Why aren't those going to Derek Anderson?

Gotta be honest, my attention is officially on the selection show. Georgetown gets a two seed. Will Duke and Texas get the other two, along with Tennessee? Gotta think the Badgers are a three seed. Well, there you go. They get the three seed, against Cal State Fullerton. We're in a regional with Kansas and Georgetown. We'll see. Badgers looked pretty disappointed they were a three seed. Back to baseball, McClung working well through the sixth. Sexson down on strikes to end the 6th. (Brewers 8, Mariners 4).

7th Inning

Marquette gets a 6th seed in the South, to take on Kentucky. Big game there. If they won, they could run into Stanford. Brewers have a couple of runners on board before Gross goes down. Double play ball ends the inning. (Brewers 8, Mariners 4)

McClung still on for the Crew, getting some good work in. I'm going to write a post about the NCAA tourney, and wrap up this Brewers one in a bit. (Brewers 8, Mariners 4)

8th Inning

Brewers don't score any runs, get a scoreless inning out of Brian Shouse. (Brewers 8, Mariners 4)

9th Inning

Back to wrap it up. Kapler gets a single. Earlier the broadcast was talking about how Yost might platoon Kapler and Gwynn in center while Cameron is out. Kapler is a great locker room guy, and was brought in to also serve as a coach to Ryan Braun. Hart and Braun are locks for the outfield. That's two guys, add twelve pitchers, four infield starters, two catchers, that leaves five spots. Rottino or Munson could serve as a catcher / INF guy, so that might leave extra room for the outfield. Counsell will make it, that leaves four spots. I think Dillon is in, so that's three. That leaves Gwynn, Kapler, Gross, Nix, among others looking for a spot. It'd be down to Kapler and Nix for the final spot, I'd guess they keep Kapler and send him down when Cameron is back. Did that make sense? I was kind of thinking out loud. Gross grounds out to end the inning. (Brewers 8, Mariners 4)

Shouse in for one final inning. I'm glad I had the opportunity to watch the game today. I know that Spring Training records don't mean anything, but I think I've learned that many of these players still aren't in game mode. They are out there thinking of these games as practice, and the opportunity to work on technique, which they should. The fields aren't as good, and the ball carries more, it's a completely different atmosphere. With that said, the Brewers seem to have found a routine for Spring Training. Let the defensive struggle, and the offense will pick them up. Although Dillon just had a great catch in left. Kapler misplays one in left to send Cairo to third. Shouse ends the game, Brewers win 8-4 with a clean effort from the bullpen. Thanks for skimming!

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Joe Dillon


Travis said...

Its hilarious how ESPN makes Joe Lunardi up to be some important bracketology expert. They had him on sportcenter last night and they all mentioned how busy and stressful things have been for him this time of year....I mean come on, all he does is post some column on ESPN that doesn't even matter. The only thing I like about his stupid bracketology page is that it has UW with a 2 seed.

b2 said...

spring training is boring

GJ said...

Joe Dillon was a rockstar today.

Whoever was playing that trumpet throughout the game was a douche bag. The fans around him probably went along with it & pretended it was fun, but they probably all wanted to put it up his butt.

McClung looked decent, which sucks because if he really sucked this spring Milwaukee wouldn't feel bad about letting him go. He's out of options which makes things interesting.

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