Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brewers Outlast Mets in Marathon

Honestly, games like today's are my favorite kind of baseball game. Lots of back and forth offense, lots of pitching changes and double switches, and a game time of 3 hours and 42 minutes. I know there are a lot of people that are enjoying laying on their couch today watching Masters Sunday, but I prefer to lay on the couch watching a baseball marathon. Especially when the Brewers come out on top, as they did today beating the Mets 9-7.

I wish the Brewers and the Mets would play more. There seems like there could be a nice little rivarly there if the teams met more often. Today you had the storylines of Guillermo Mota's return to Shea (how pumped was he after getting out of that jam?) and the re-appearance of Brady Clark, who hasn't been able to find steady work since he left Milwaukee. In a long winded game like today, emotions were high througout, as the Brewers won their final regular season game at Shea Stadium (I say regular season because for some reason, everyone that predicts the Brewers to make the playoffs, including myself, predicts them to lose to the Mets).

First off, Holy Gabe Kapler Batman. What a find that was for Melvin and the boys. I always thought Kapler was one of those guys that wasn't good enough to be starter but wasn't bad enough to get sent down to the minors. A "Four A Ball player", as Uecker calls them. When we signed him after a year of not playing, but rather coaching, I scratched my head along with the rest of you. But so far, he's hitting .423 and already has 4 home runs on the season, including one today. (I still wouldn't consider him a good fantasy pickup, as one of my Brewers friends claimed him off waivers just mere seconds after he hit his home run.)

The kind of offense Kapler and the rest of the lineup provided today was needed, especially because we finally saw the Jeff Suppan we're all accustomed to. Soup went 4 innings, giving up 6 earned runs on 9 hits. (And I dropped him from one of my fantasy squads just mere seconds after he was yanked from the game).

When the Brewers went down 6-2, I thought we were headed for a loss, but the Brewers made a game out of it by scoring 4 runs in the 4th inning. From there, as good as their offense was, their defense was much better. The Crew cooked up five double plays in five straight innings today, which tied a National League record. Great work by Hardy and Weeks today, and also by Prince and Kendall to save a run in the eighth. If just one double play didn't happen, this game could have had an entirely different outcome.

Other notes from todays game:

* Prince and Braun switched spots in the batting order, with Prince back in clean-up. Yesterday, Ned said he wasn't going to make the switch, but according to Trenni, it was the players suggestion. Combined, the two went 1 for 9 today, the hit coming from Braun.

* Rickie Weeks hit a home run in his second consecutive game.

* Corey Hart had his first career four-hit game.

* Derrick Turnbow is not long for the Brewers. They had him up in the bullpen in the 8th when Mota struggled, but later decided to have him sit and warm up Riske. Turnbow is definitely the odd man out, and really doesn't have a role on this team right now.

* As I often talk about, I subscribe to the DISH network. For some reason, I get the CW affiliate in New York, which occasionally shows Mets games. I checked out some of the New York broadcast today, especially in the 8th inning when FSN Wisconsin kept showing a shot of some random Mets fan waving his arms. That kind of stuff annoys me for some reason. Also, I was sick of that Lenny Kravitz Bucks commercial, and that random guy in the Bogut jersey. However, I do like the music in the Beer Heaven commercials.

* Gagne pitched the only 1-2-3 inning for the Crew today, earning his 3rd save of the year.

The Brewers are off tomorrow, and then head to St. Louis for a 3 game set.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Gabe Kapler


Anonymous said...

The only way I'd have Suppan on a fantasy league team is if I was competing against 29 other teams. Maybe not even then.

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