Saturday, April 5, 2008

Brewers Take Another Series

Pregame - Howdy gang. We're going with sort of an inning by inning blog today, since I'm at home watching the game. It'll be nice to be able to watch a full nine today, which has been tough since the Brewers are on this stretch of day games. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a night game! Couple of changes to the lineup, Gross is in for Gwynn at center (injury). Counsell takes over for Hardy, who is having a hard time at the plate right now. Also, Rivera gets his first start of the season and will bat 7th, putting Counsell in the 8 spot, and Parra in the 9th spot.

The Giants are really, really, bad and I think the Brewers are going to end up sweeping this series and no will have no problem picking up a win today.

1st Inning - Great way to start the afternoon for Manny Parra, fanning two batters after a 1-2-3 inning. Fantasy owners, pick him up! Brewers don't anything of note offensively. (Brewers 0, Giants 0)

2nd Inning - A wild throw from Counsell puts Molina on 2nd and gives the Brewers their first error of the season. Prince shows some flexibility with a leaping catch at first. Parra is able to get out of the inning, and has 3 strikeouts already on the afternoon.
Bottom of the inning, Braun singles, Hall walks. Hart gets on because of a fielder's choice. Hall gets caught stealing 3rd. Some aggresive baserunning gets the Brewers in trouble, but on the next batter, some aggressive baseball gets the Brewers a run. Mike Rivera has a weak infield hit, and Corey Hart comes around all the way from second. Small ball baby! (Brewers 1, Giants 0)

Before we go any further, can somebody explain this Giants team for me? First, even without Barry Bonds, they are still old as dirt. Yet, they are in a "rebuilding year" because of how young they are. They either need to get rid of their young guys, trade for some veterans, and make a run, or do the smarter thing and unload your veterans and truly rebuild. Rebuilding teams don't have guys like Randy Winn, Rich Aurilla, and Ray Durham.

Also, that Subway five dollar footlong song gets your head and stays there all day. Footlooooong!

3rd Inning - Giants get a man at 3rd, but a great catch by Bill Hall at the hot corner keeps him there. I love Hall back in the infield. Brewers get out of the inning.

While I'm watching the game, I'm also trying to save my two fantasy baskebtall teams. I am deep in the playoffs in both leagues, but it seems everyone I have is finding ways to land on the injury report. These guys on awful teams that are suddenly "out for the season" are really getting to me. Just thought I'd share.

Brewers show three batters, get three outs. But hey, thanks to Trenni, we now know about FSN Wisconsin's MySpace Page! (Brewers 1, Giants 0)

4th Inning - Giants do nothing, Brewers do nothing. Not a very detailed recap, not a very exciting inning. (Brewers 1, Giants 0)

(And for those of you watching the game on FSN, Klement's sausages now has a slow version of it's jingle? When did this happen!)

5th Inning - Still love Bill Hall in the infield, but he misplays a ball at 3rd to give the Giants a base runner. Next batter, Brewers just miss out on a double play, runner aboard on a fielder's choice. Who is this Dan Ortmeier guy? He just steals a base, because Prince hits him on the throw. They are giving Prince an error on that play. That's three errors now for the Crew. Bocock walks. Runners advance on a double steal. Giants have been showing some excellent work on the bases so far, make sure when they are getting a man on base, it counts. Correia goes down on strikes. Parra gets out of the inning, and gets a huge ovation from the crowd.

Brewers up now. Hart doubles. He comes when Rivera doubles home. Offense! Gross brings him home after singling up the middle. Brewers are turning up the heat! (Brewers 3, Giants 0)

6th Inning - Veliz triples to end the Manny Parra no hitter. Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder basically said "Manny Parra is throwing a no-hitter" about seven times in the 5th inning without actually saying it. But all good things come to an end, and the Giants put a man on 3rd. Rivera misplays a ball and the Giants bring a run across the plate. Then Winn doubles, and we may see the end of Parra soon.

Meanwhile, Ringside Sports Bar in the La Crosse wins the FSN tavern of the game, and it only takes two seconds for Bill to mention Damian Miller.

Back to the action, the Giants are putting together some sort of a rally, scoring another run, and that's it for Manny Parra. Good performance by him today, leaving with 7 strikeouts. David Riske enters the game in relief. Ray Durham tries to tag up at 2nd after a fly ball, but he's out and the Brewers get out of the inning.

In the bottom half, get down that slide Bernie Brewer! Ryan Braun hits his first home run of the season. The Brewers manufacture nothing else, but they need widen their lead. (Brewers 4, Giants 2)

7th Inning - The inning starts with a fan running onto the field. Of course, the broadcast doesn't show it. You know, I get why they are doing it, they don't want to encourage it by giving him the TV exposure he may be looking for. They don't want to encourage others from trying to do the same. But there are 40,000 thousand people who just saw what happened, and they are the ones sitting in the ballpark that could easily do the same thing. I'm sitting in front of my TV three hours away! I'm not going to do any harm! Just show me the crazy fan next time, please. It's all I ask.

Giants on offense, finding different ways to get runners on base and then advance them again. They get a run across when Fielder can't hang on to the double play ball, although Weeks did throw it into the dirt. David Riske gets himself into some trouble, but then strikes out Winn to end the inning. Again, you can't rebuild with Randy Winn, people.

Brewers up again. Counsell grounds out. Then, what's this? A Gabe Kapler home run! Great find, Doug Melvin! It's Kapler's first career home run as a pinch hitter. Weeks and Gross get out after that, but the Brewers once again get their run back (Brewers 5, Giants 3)

8th Inning - Mota is on the mound now for the Brewers. He loves Milwaukee, even though he has a glove that is more Cubs blue than Brewers blue. As I write that, Ray Durham (damnit) hits a home run off of him. He gets the next batter, Castillo, on strikes. He gets out of the inning, and the Brewers give that run back again.

Gagne is warming up as the Brewers take the plate. I feel confident in Gagne today. Prince gets on, but Braun hits into a double play. Hall gets on then steals a base. Hart grounds out though, and the Brewers aren't able to get their run back. Here comes Eric Gagne and his first appearance at Miller Park. Hang on to your seats people! (Brewers 5, Giants 4)

9th Inning - Gagne time. He strikes out Bocock. Good start. Hey, a pop fly to left. Two away. Gagne going for his first save as a Brewer... pop fly... GOT IT! (Brewers 5, Giants 4)

Postgame - Look's like Trenni from FSN is going to interview Braun. Maybe something is happening between those two...

So Parra gets the win, Gagne gets the save. Nice outing for the Crew, who win another series, and go for the sweep tomorrow. As for me, thanks for reading, and I'm off to lunch. Five Dollar Footloooong!

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Manny Parra (1)


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