Sunday, May 4, 2008

This Isn't What We Were Expecting

I know it's early, and I know it's just May, and I know the Brewers are over .500. But if you're a Brewer fan right now, you can't tell me you're not worried about the current state of this team. Coming from me, I think that means something, because I usually try to stay as positive about this team as possible, I'm almost like a politician in the way I stick up for the Brewers. Hell, I even backed Derrick Turnbow. But right now, after a heartbreaking sweep to the Astros, even a guy like me is worried about what's going on in Brew Town.

I don't know if we're just not playing as well as we could be, or if we're just not as good as we think we are. I still think Gagne has the stuff to get it done, but you can't have five blown saves on May 4th, you just can't. If Gagne keeps this up, he's going to be trade bait by the All-Star break because he's turned us into sellers. Maybe the Yovani Gallardo injury has the team doubting how far they can go, or maybe they are all under the spell of Trenni Kusnierek. Either way, the Brewers are lucky to be 16-15, but at this current rate, won't be over .500 for long.

It looked like the Brewers were going to at least salvage a win in their Houston series today, especially after a decent return to the mound for Ben Sheets. Sheeter gave up 4 in 6 1/3, but also had a key RBI double and six strikeouts. Sidenote: He is now just one strikeout away from tying Teddy Higuera for the franchise record of 1,081. But it was not to be, as Eric Gagne blew another save to put the game into extras, and then Hunter Pence walked off with a 2 run shot in the 12th.

The Brewers will have a day off Monday to try to collect themselves, and then hopefully can get back on track against the Marlins in Miami. But, even though it's early, I don't think time is on their side. The Crew doesn't have the luxury of last year, where everyone else in the NL Central is struggling as well. The Cubs and Cardinals are playing good baseball right now, and after sweeping the Brewers the Astros are back up to .500. The Reds can't be counted out either, and the Pirates have always given the Brewers problems regardless of record.

The Brewers have all their pieces in place. They have their five man rotation, even though getting over the loss of Gallardo won't be easy, if at all possible. They have Mike Cameron back in center, and they have a decent, well-rounded bench. There is no excuse as for why they can't turn it around.

Before I head my merry way tonight, I wanted to bring up one other point. Minute Maid Park is a joke. What the hell is that thing, seriously, because it's not a ballpark. Playing left field in Houston is a joke, as you have to cover the huge wall that is only 310 deep, and then the part in left center that jets back to like 360. I haven't even mentioned the hill, which was created to bring some uniqueness to the park. All the ballparks built around the turn of the century were made like this, with little nuances that made each park unique. In Arizona, they had that whirlpool, which is fine. But the hill at Minute Maid Park is in play, and there is no way that's safe. Nor is the giant pole on the left side of the hill, which is there for no reason expect to have balls hit off of it by Richie Sexson.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Mike Cameron and his two home runs.

(AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)


Jonk said...

If Gagne keeps this up, he's going to be trade bait by the All-Star break

If he keep pitching like this, who would even want to trade for him?

Winks said...

Good question, although he pitched like this in Boston, and we gave him $10 million.

Jonk said...

At least Ned had enough smarts to sign him for just one year.

Anonymous said...

ned doesnt sign people

Jonk said...

Brain fart. Doug.

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