Friday, June 20, 2008

Rotating Door Continues in Brewers Bullpen

Remember when Mitch Stetter was sent down, and many of us were like, "Um, why?" Well he's back up in the bigs, giving the Brewers a second lefty out of the pen. Tim Dillard was the one sent down because of the call-up. We liked Dillard, and he had been pitching well for most of the season (minus the small implosion on Thursday). But Stetter is back in the 'pen, which will change yet again once Gagne is ready to return. He may just have to make an appearance tonight, because as I'm writing this, Jeff Suppan is getting yanked in the 2nd(!) inning.

Two other notes - Weeks is likely to come back from the DL on Sunday, I'd be surprised if anyone else besides Iribarren was sent down. Also, Mike Cameron has hyper-extended his toe, and will miss the rest of the series (not season, like Trenni said).


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