Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sports Bubbler's Trenni Kusnierek Interview

I'm starting to feel like Trenni Kusnierek is to us at The Bucky Channel as Erin Andrews is too Awful Announcing. By that I mean, a girl we write about a lot but will never meet. Well, for those of you that weren't happy with the size of the pictures we posted earlier, we have some video for you courtesy of the Sports Bubbler.

The video is shot by our good friend Dan Walsh, who graduated with her from Marquette... back in the day. Walsh does a pretty good job of shooting her so it looks like she's talking right to you, which is probably a good thing. Here's the interview that appears to have been shot in some sort of campus lounge.

(I know we have a lot of UW-Oshkosh graduates that visit this site, and keep your eye out for when Trenni kind of slams your school.)


Anonymous said...

How can Trenni slam the Harvard of the Fox River Valley..UWO!?!?!?!?!

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