Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trenni Kusnierek: The High School Days

Alright, here's the deal. I recently stumbled upon some pictures of Trenni Kusnierek when she was in high school. Not a big deal, right? I mean, we all went to high school. Plus, Trenni was kind enough to send us an email last week, and I don't want to betray that "friendship".

But then I remembered that "trenni kusnierek" is the number one keyword people use when they find The Bucky Channel for the first time. So until I get enough money for a full out advertising blitz, writing about Trenni might be the best way to bring new readers to this site.

Sorry, Trenni.

If high school girls aren't your thing (and I hope they're not, unless you're in high school), then let's not forget what a beautiful woman Trenni has become.

Now, to enact my Embarrassing Pictures Policy. If I post an embarrassing picture of someone else, I must post one of myself. It's only fair.

Let's go with the picture of me as a "Hamburger" for Halloween. I remember this night vividly because I meet a girl who was the Hamburglar. I chatted it up with this girl, and then practically begged her to be my Facebook friend. That's when I found out she was engaged. Single tear.


bear said...

Are those high school or freshman college pictures? Those look like they were taken in a dorm. At any rate, where do you find these things, the picture black market?

I love when you do this if not for the opportunity to see some funny pictures of yourself.

Winks said...

I'm guessing they are at some kind of cheerleading camp.

If you like these, wait til you see the pictures I have of a certain Packers broadcaster, which I will put up before the game on Sunday.

b2 said...


Anonymous said...

they have a college feel to me too. the rooms look strangely marquette to me. plus, it looks like there's names on the door with a room number right next to it

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