Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who Is Jaime Maggio?

As I settled down after a hard day's work to watch the Bucks game on Sunday night, I was unexpectedly introduced to Jaime Maggio. She was in the role of sideline reporter for the FSN Wisconsin broadcast, and immediately the comparisons to Trenni started racing through my head.

Actually, what first went through my head is that, "So, obviously this chick was hired because of her looks". Is that unfair to say? Not at all. I'm sure she's worked hard, but there are guys that have worked just as hard as her in the business that are currently writing blogs in their parent's basement. Trust me, chicks in sports get anything they want. But I digress.

While she appeared nervous at first, she definitely improved throughout the game, and I decided to do a little research to see just who exactly she was. Turns out, this will probably be her last appearance on FSN Wisconsin.

It seems that because the Bucks played in Los Angeles, they borrowed some talent from "Big FOX", as Brian Anderson would call it. Maggio is currently working as a production manager for Fox Sports Net, as well as a correspondent for, both based in L.A. Her LinkedIn profile says she works freelance, which is exactly what the Bucks gig was.

So I hope you enjoyed her while you had the chance, Wisconsin, because that's probably the last we'll see of her. But if you'd like to add her on Facebook, I'll provide the link for you since I am apparently quite good at internet stalking.


b2 said...

she does a lot of shit for best damn i think

Anonymous said...

Trenni was a free lancer too.

Anonymous said...

I'd do her.

Anonymous said...

the bucks need to play more games in LA, obviously.

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