Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Badgers Have Plenty to be Thankful For

Before I go out and experience another Blackout Wednesday, I wanted to amend the previous post I made about the Wisconsin Badgers. I said that by beating Arizona during this Maui Invitational, the Badgers got a huge leg up as far as putting a quality tournament season together. Even though they did lose to the Zags, they still had plenty to be happy about even if they didn't play again today.

The Badgers loss to Gonzaga actually set them up for a matchup against #22 ranked Maryland, and despite trailing early Wisconsin ended up controlling most of the game as they won 78-69. Some people put a lot of stock into these tournaments, some don't, but personally I think that these were two huge wins the Badgers collected. As of right now, they'd be projected to be a bubble tournament team, or maybe last four in, but after this tournament things are looking good for Bucky this year.

Just wanted to pass that along before the festivities. Go out and enjoy yourself tonight, but ultimately, be safe. Make sure you end up back in your bed, or at least, a bed. You're probably not going to remember much of tonight, so make sure you do it right (and don't pass out in a Taco Johns parking lot, for your sake). We'll be here tomorrow with a Packers recap and maybe some other goodies.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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