Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bogut Out a Couple of Weeks

I have to say that this guy really looks good in a white suit. The only problem is you will be seeing him in one for the next 2 to 4 weeks. Andrew Bogut suffered a left leg strain and contusion Wednesday night in the game against the Nets. This will be a huge blow to the Bucks, especially early in the season. Bogut, who started the season slow, has been playing awesome lately. They should be alright on the scoring end because Redd should be back as soon as Friday. But this will kill us on the defense of end down low. Just a few of the big guys that the Bucks face in the next few weeks include: Duncan, Okafor, Howard, and Noah. These will be tough matchups for the likes of Kurt Thomas and Dan Grab N' Reach.

The injury will certainly challenge the Bucks early in the season. They will have to play as a team to win a few of these games during Bogut's injury. Every team in the league has their fair share of injuries, but coming out and winning games makes some teams stronger than others. One big thing I feel that needs to be watched over this time is that hopefully Jennings doesn't try to do to much. He really needs to trust the people around him. This will be a tough stretch of games for the Bucks, and lets hope this doesn't put a damper on this young season that started off so well.


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