Monday, November 23, 2009

Bucks Beat Grizzlies, Get Crushed by Spurs

After enjoying a nice two week stint in the confines of the Bradley Center, the Bucks got off to a slow start Saturday night in Memphis to begin their road trip. Milwaukee trailed 29-19 after the first quarter of the game. You could tell that the Bucks weren't used to being on the road. They did manage to cut the lead down to five at halftime but still didn't look very sharp.

After halftime though, Jennings did his typical third quarter scoring for the night. He scored 12 of his 26 in the third. Not really sure why he always scores points in bunches, but I guess we will take what we can get. Overall, it was a game the Bucks should have won and they did. They didn't really ever have the game in control but they did come out with the 103-98 victory. Lets look at some of the highlights from the game Saturday night:

* Luke Ridnour had an awesome game off the bench. Ridnour had 13 pts, 12 asts. Nice little double double for Luke. Lets give him the Bucks POTG for his efforts off the bench.

* Jennings had a goodnight at the free throw line. Brandon finished the night 9-10 from the line. He scored 26 pts. Jennings line did lack in the rebs, asts, and stls categories however.

* Ersan also had a double double for the Bucks. He finished the game with 18 pts, and 12 rebs. Ersan needs to keep up the party on the boards.

* Rudy Gay is awesome and I hope the Bucks make a push for him next year. Gay had a nice night scoring 24 pts, grabing 10 rebs, and 4 stls. He also made all 7 of his free throws. Hunter of the Night for sure. Hopefully some day he gets the Bucks POTG.

* The Bucks kept the turnovers down with only 13. This is going to be a key with Bogut out, they absolutely have to keep the turnovers down.

Overall a win is a win. This game was nothing special for the Bucks they did show that they have no quit. Milwaukee moves to 8-3 on the year. To check out the rest of the box score click the next clue. Now guess who's back with a brand new track.

After the big win, the Bucks traveled to San Antonio to face the Spurs on Monday night. Another slow start for the Bucks, even though they were welcoming back Redd from his injury. The only problem was that Redd was very rusty. He couldn't make a shot, or a free throw in the first half. Yet, somehow after an awful first quarter the Bucks had the lead at halftime. The only problem was that it was one point, and the Spurs have a guy named Tim Duncan.

This was really the first challenge the Bucks had with a big guy since Andrew has been out. Timmy went to work in the second half the Bucks just couldn't keep up with him. Also the Bucks couldn't stop Matt Bonner. I am sorry but not a huge Matt Bonner fan. The guy just shoots tray balls, and that is his job on the team. But because of him and Duncan, the Bucks took a beating in the 112-98 defeat Monday night. Digging deep tonight to find highlights but here we go:

* Jennings had an okay game, but did finish the game with 5 turnovers. He did however put up 12 pts, 7 asts, and 4 rebs. It was good to see him hand out some dimes tonight but the turnovers need to stay down. He also had a rough night shooting with a 6-21 performance.

* Ersan had a nice game scoring 20 pts, 4 rebs, and 4 stls. He is playing very consistent of late with Bogut out. It will be nice to see what this team can do when they have everyone dressed up. Going to give the Bucks POTG to Ersan.

* Warrick played well off the bench, but just didn't get many minutes. He had 15 pts, 4 rebs, and got to the line 5 times making all of them.

* Rebounding, well, the Bucks got crushed 46-29 on the boards. This will not lead to many wins.

* It was just Tim Duncan doing what Tim Duncan does on Monday. He had a nice 24 pts, 12 rebs in 32 mins. This will give him the Hunter of the Night award. I'd like to see the Bogut vs Duncan matchup, but I guess we will have to wait.

All in all, The Bucks just never got things going. They will travel to New Orleans Wednesday to take on the Hornets. The Hornets will be without Chris Paul which will be huge, but it would have been cool to see a Jennings/Paul match up. After that the Bucks go to OKC to face the Thunder on ESPN. Lets hope they can get it together for there big game on national TV. Here is the rest of the crappy box score from Monday nights game.

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