Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bucks Blow Big Lead

Ouch! The Milwaukee Bucks fell to the Bulls Tuesday night in Chicago 83-81. The Bucks started the game off hot, leading 25-13 at the end of the first quarter. They didn't come out firing on all cylinders in the second quarter, but led at half by 14. They led by as many as 18 before Luol Deng took the game over.

Near the end, the Bucks were down by just five with a minute and a half to go. They had a few chances to tie the game late, but just didn't get any good looks. Brandon Jennings got blocked with about 13 seconds left, and Ersan missed a 3 with 1 second left in the game. This team showed it can play with the big boys in the first half, but the Bucks failed in all the categories that I said before the season they needed to succeed in to win. They got beat on the boards, the Bulls had many more free throws, and Chicago also had 12 blocks in the game.

Overall it is going to be a tough loss for this young team. They really blew it tonight, but they can't let this get them down. Lets look at some highlights from tonights game.

* Brandon Jennings had another solid game scoring 25 points. He did take a team high 23 shots to get this total. Dan Wetzel had a nice article on Jennings, about how going to Europe for a year made him ready for the NBA. Check it out for yourself.

* Andrew Bogut woke up from the dead. Bogut finished the game with 16 Points, 13 Rebounds, and 3 Blocks. This will earn him the Bucks POTG. He really worked the left hand well tonight. Lets keep this up Bogut, with Redd out this is YOUR TEAM.

* The Bucks got to the line 10 times, yes I said just 10 times. If that isn't bad enough they only made 5 of their free throw shots. This just can't happen, they need to get the line more than 10 times in one game. Rather, they should be getting to the line at least 10 times per half.

* Loul Deng went to work in the second half. He finished the game with 24 Points and 20 Rebounds. That is just a crazy game for him. He is a good player but this is just ridiculous to give up these kind of numbers to him. But if he is going to put these kind of stats he might as well do it against the Bucks so you can earn yourself the Hunter of the Night.

* Jodie Meeks played in his first NBA game but he only played 2 minutes and that was in the first half. He wasn't afraid because he fired up a 3 after being in the game for about 10 seconds. With Redd out he might get a chance to prove himself.

After a loss like this you would really want to get back on the court right away to put a defeat like this in the past, but the Bucks will have to wait til Friday, when they face Minnesota in the Target Center. The Wolves are hurting with Love out and they only have a few returning players from last year. This is a game where the Bucks should be able to go there and get a win.


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