Friday, November 27, 2009

Bucks Blow Halftime Lead to Hornets

The shot in the picture above killed what should have been a road win for the Bucks Wednesday night. Milwaukee had a 3 point lead after Jennings hit a pair of clutch free throws. That was short lived, as another rookie point guard decided he wanted to make an even bigger shot. Young Hornet point guard Darren Collison hit a huge tying three pointer with 7.5 second left in the game. Not only that, but he also knocked the ball out of Jennings hands as time expired to send the game into overtime.

In overtime both guards played there hearts out yet it was Collison that did more damage as he had a huge steal and late free throws that sealed the Buck's fate. So much for the talk about how after Blake Griffin, this was the worst draft ever. Not only have Jennings and fellow rookies Tyreke Evans, Stephon Curry and Ty Lawson, among others played well but a guy like Collison is playing very well and picking up slack in place of what most think is the best point guard in the game right now in Chris Paul.

The Bucks down fall was due to a slew of mistakes late in the game, all of which I didn't really see due to the fact that I was playing beer pong at the same time. Slingin' ping pong balls did not really give me a good feel for how the Bucks lost this game. It seemed every time I looked at the TV the Bucks were winning. Then after some late buckets by the Hornets they were only down 1. Overtime defeats are always hard to take. This one was harder just because it seemed like we were in control all game, only to let it slip away at the end.

Just going to do a few highlights from this one:

* Luke Ridnour had another awesome game for the Bucks off the bench. I really think we can start to say that some of the early season success is because of his play off the bench. Bench play is something the bucks have been lacking for some time now. Ridnour finished the game with 23 pts, 10 asts, and 7 rebs. Going with Luke for the Bucks POTG.

* Jennings continued to play strong as well. Brandon had 14 pts, 8 asts, and 7 rebs. He did however have the 5 turnovers, but made up for most of them with 4 stls.

* David West did some work with Bogut out. He finished the night with 27 pts, and 10 rebs. West earns himself the Hunter of the Night award.

Short recap for the heartbreaking 102-99 defeat in Overtime. The Bucks play Friday on ESPN against the Thunder. Should be fun to see what Jennings and the Bucks can do on National TV.

Have you heard the news? Bad things come in twos.


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