Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bucks Can't Find Magic Saturday Night

So I guess the Magic won the NBA title Saturday night in the Bradley Center. I was told this morning that after the game Dwight Howard was going nuts as if he had just won the championship, I guess I didn't think it was this crazy. This is the second time this year the Bucks have gone down late in a game, with the other team acting like they have just won it all. I realize you work so hard all game that when its over you should be able to celebrate, but really?

The only negative part is that there is another team that played their ass off that didn't get the win. Celebrating the way the Magic did at home with your own fans in the crowd is totally awesome, as they paid good money and were willing to stay till the end of the game. But on the road you should show a little respect and dial it back a bit.

Sorry about that rant, but I had to get it off my chest. Now on to the game, it was yet another heart breaker for the Bucks Saturday night. I thought for sure without Bogut Milwaukee had no chance. However I was wrong, as they were in the game right down to the end. The Magic did have a 1o point lead with 5:27 left in the game, but the Bucks fought back. Ersan, who had an awesome game, (more on that later) missed a three late in the game that would have given the Bucks the 101-100 lead. Instead, Milwaukee was down by two with 27 seconds to go decided not to foul. Vince Carter missed a layup with about five seconds left, however Howard and about four other people decided to play what could only be described as some sort of volleyball. Matt Barnes ended up with the ball as time expired, and the Magic got the victory.

About the not fouling decision by the Bucks, I guess I've always felt that you should play it out but with 27 seconds left that is a lot of time. If they would have fouled Carter and he makes both of them you still have 20 some seconds and you're down four. The problem with not fouling is if you don't get the rebound, then you don't have a shot to win at all. It is so much easier after the game to second guess the choice, but Skiles made a decision and he stuck behind it. Lets take a look at some highlights from this 100-98 defeat to the Magic.

* Like I said before, Ersan had a huge game. He finished the game with 20 pts, 16 rebs. Seven of those rebounds came on the offensive end. This will earn Ersan the Bucks POTG award.

* Ridnour and Warrick had nice games off the bench. Combined they had 36 pts, 8 rebs, and 8 assists. This was a huge reason why the Bucks kept it so close.

* Jennings had 20 points, but didn't really have the assist numbers tonight. He did make 4 three pointers in the game, but overall not a good shooting night for him. He finished shooting 7-22 from the field.

* Howard is just an animal some games, and one of those was Saturday night against the Bucks. He had a nice 20-20 game for the Magic. He finished with 25 pts, 20 rebs, and 4 blks. This is always an easy way to win you the Hunter of the Night.

* Vince Carter, who got hurt early in the game, and left to get four stitches came back to be a big help for the Magic. Seriously though, the guy is from UNC, why would he not man up come back and make a difference in the game? (for those who don't know me I love UNC) He scored 19 of his 25 points in the second half of the game.

Overall, it was another tough defeat for the Bucks Saturday night. I guess if there is a positive for the Bucks it's that they are not getting blown out of the water every night. Although I guess they were blown out Friday against the Thunder, but whatever. And after that, they did come back and not let that game really affect them like Thought they might have. This puts the Bucks at 8-7 on this young season, and next up for the Bucks are the Bulls Monday night at home. For a further look at the box score check out the next clue.


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