Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bucks Embarrassed on ESPN

Russell Westbrook has all the reasons in the world to be excited about Friday night's game. The kid plain just did some work on the Milwaukee Bucks. The game was supposed to be a showcase of some real young talent in the NBA, but the only problem is the Bucks didn't showcase any. Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Mr. Westbrook showed why the Thunder can be a real dangerous team in the NBA, despite of their awful uniforms.

ESPN's decision to show the Thunder vs Bucks match up instead of the Suns vs T-Wolves turned out to be a good thing only if you a fan of Oklahoma City. It's disappointing too, because the Bucks played well in the first half before looking lost in the third quarter, which up until Friday's game was the quarter where Milwaukee has looked the best.

The first half was all about little runs be each team. The Bucks were lights out from downtown, which is the only reason they were in it at halftime. Delfino scored 13 of his 15 in the first quarter. If I remember right I think I saw they were 7-12 from deep at one point in time in the first half. That is awesome, but they only finished with 8 threes for the game. Even works, "Bucks Jesus" Brandon Jennings finished the half with only two points.

After halftime is when everything went south, especially when the Thunder started the second half on a 17-0 run. The worst part about this was that it led the guys announcing the game to start looking up what the lowest point total in a quarter was for a NBA game. The Bucks would not break that record, which is 2 points in a quarter if you were wondering. Milwaukee saved face by putting up a nice round number of 13 points for the quarter. Still, the terrible quarter put them in a huge hole they couldn't dig themselves out of.

Some people feel the Bucks made a little run early in the fourth, but this game was over after that 17-0 run by OKC. Skiles cleared the bench with 6:17 left in the game, and that shows that this team had no intent of coming back. Not a great showing for the Bucks on National TV Friday night, but we have to remember this is still a young team. Maybe this will help them bounce back like the when the Packers lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Since the highlights from Friday's game were next to none lets talk about Michael Redd.

Redd, who only played in 33 games last year, has already missed significant time this year. The guys on ESPN talked about this too last night. Maybe it really is time to part ways with the sharp shooting lefty from Ohio State. I have nothing against Redd and what he has done for this team and if I had to compare him to one person the first guy that comes to mind is Geoff Jenkins. Redd has played his heart out for Milwaukee since his rookie season. He never brings a negative attitude to the table, and I never hear anything about him being a bad teammate.

Redd needs his shots to get in a good rhythm, but we have to many other younger weapons that take that away from him. He also has lost a step and his one on one play is not what it used to be. I don't really know what we could get for a guy like Redd, but taking a chance on a few prospects wouldn't be a bad idea.

Once Bogut comes back from his injury I really think this team will play like it did when Redd was out with his injury. That's just what my take is on the situation, and the guys announcing last night I think have the same feeling as me. So don't be surprised if you hear rumors of Redd being shipped to a contending team that needs a 6th man, because I think because of his knees that's the best of what Redd can be.

If you really want to see the crappy box score from the game Friday night click on the next clue.

P.S. Hunter of the Night goes to Kevin Durant. Bucks POTG goes to Hakim Warrick he played hard when the game was over in the fourth.


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