Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Bucky Five: Farewell, 2009 Season

1. That Should About Do It - Remember when the Packers lost to the Bengals, and I tried to tell everyone that we were going to be okay because the Bengals were a legit team? Well, this is not one of those times. The Packers were flat out embarrassed today, and even though they led the 0-7 Buccaneers by eleven points late in the game, they couldn't close out Tampa Bay and were handed a 38-28 loss. For the second straight week, that means the Packers game is likely the story of the NFL weekend, both times because of who it was we lost to (Favre at home, a winless Bucs squad).

I don't really have anything optimistic to say about this game either. I mean, at 4-4, there is still half of a season left to put a run together, but the Packers would need to win both their next two games against Dallas and San Francisco to have a realistic chance. Given the way they played in Tampa Bay, I'm not sure that's even possible. The Packers look dreadful, and they really haven't looked good all year. I mean, if the highest point of this season for us was a preseason win against the Cardinals, then that's really saying something. Rodgers looked stupid, the offensive is so flawed, the defense hasn't adjusted to the 3-4, we ruined Kampman's career, and our special teams are a joke. This is not a team that deserves to make a playoff run right now, much less have a winning record.

Is the season over? No, but it's damn close.

2. Thompson and McCarthy Watch - After a loss to Brett Favre at Lambeau Field, and then a loss to an 0-7 team, people are going to be asking for changes, and for once I don't blame them. Thompson just hasn't put together the team that we need to contend, and McCarthy might be the worst motivator that we've ever had on the sidelines. The team just seems lifeless, and that's a reflection of the coach in my opinion. It's pretty embarrassing.

So what do we do? Well, I don't think you can fire McCarthy today, or Thompson for that matter, but if the Packers don't make the playoffs this season then I am all for sweeping changes. I have been backing these two guys from the beginning, even as everyone else cried for their execution because we didn't cave into Favre's demands. This decision should not be about Brett Favre, because the quarterback position is actually the one part that Thompson got right (well, besides how Rodgers played Sunday, and how bad Brian Brohm is). This decision should be about the rest of the roster - too young, too inexperienced, too much belief in guys like Jarrett Bush that we just need to give up on.

I say we finish out the season, and see what happens. If we don't make the playoffs, then it's time to let these guys go. And trust me, I saw Mark Murphy speak this summer, and I can tell you that he is not a guy that's going to stand around and let Thompson and McCarthy run this franchise into the ground. I hate to go all "fire fire fire everyone" just because of one loss, but this team has played bad for the most part this season and you absolutely CAN NOT lose to the Buccaneers on Sunday. You just can't.

3. Rodgers is Regressing - I wish it was possible to have a conversation about Aaron Rodgers without mentioning Brett Favre, and I think that it can be. Going with Rodgers after Favre had already retired is a decision I still don't think can be disputed. However, as good as Rodgers can be, he is not playing very well this season. That's a weird thing to say about a guy that just had five straight games with a passer rating over 100, but you have to agree that something about him is not right. He's holding on to the ball too long, he's mentally taking himself out of games, and he's struggling unless the Packers are losing big. He's a great quarterback, and he's got fantastic stats this year, but he's got to play better in bigger spots. Thankfully he lead that comeback against the Bears, otherwise who knows how loud the critics would be. He's still the quarterback for us for the next five to ten years, but he's gotta work on several things. And I don't want to hear him say, "I have to get better, I have to play better" like he does after every loss. Just play better and I won't have to painfully have these thoughts.

4. Josh Freeman, MVP - First impression, Josh Freeman is going to be a decent quarterback for Tampa Bay. The way he was able to slice up our defense and make the big play was impressive. But, did he have great numbers because he's a good quarterback or did he have good numbers because the Packers defense is brutal? You gotta admit, the way Favre was able to dominate us looks a little less impressive after we let a rookie half his age do the same thing. By the way, Freeman and his counterparts did make a lot of mistakes early, from dropping balls to sliding before the first down marker, which lead to a lot of unsuccessful 3rd downs. Convert those opportunities, and maybe the Packers get blown out. What an ugly performance.

5. Something Positive - Just like I like to make the last bucket before I'm done shooting hoops (note: I never shoot hoops), I want to end this on a positive note. Therefore, let's give some props to Ahman Green for becoming the Packers all-time leading rusher. I think it's awesome we have Ahman Green back, and he actually played pretty well today with 45 yards and a reception. Plus, he doesn't look terrible on kick returns, and actually looked better than idiot Tramon Williams today. Congrats, Ahman Green. The rest of you though, suck.


TZar said...

I am absolutely disgusted with this team. Unacceptable.

Darkschner said...

I have never seen an offense look so out of sync for an entire season. The 4th quarter when we needed a drive was maybe the worst football performance i have seen in a long time. I kinda feel that falls directly on big mike. Not good. I didnt see this happening again this year. On a side note... im not really sure why we still have kampman. He looks terrible and moving him like we did wasnt fair to him. If we are going to stick with the 3-4 then we need to let him go to a 4-3 team. Might be our only way to land a quality tackle.

CC said...

I found these on a website...

2005 Draft
11 picks, 4 still in football and on the team - 36%

QB Aaron Rodgers - lucky/excellent
DB Nick Collins - pretty good player
WR Terrence Murphy - bust - out of football
DB Marviel Underwood - bust - out of football
LB Brady Poppinga - average
OL Junius Coston - bust - out of football
DB ... Michael Hawkins - bust - out of football
DL Mike Montgomery - average
WR Craig Bragg - bust - out of football
LB Kurt Campbell - bust - out of football
OL William Whitticker - bust - out of football

Packers 2006 Draft Review

12 picks. 6 still on team - 50%

LB A.J. Hawk - bust. s/b superstar but is average
OL Daryn Colledge - below average when compared to Jennings and not starting
WR Greg Jennings - excellent
LB Abdul Hodge - plays part time for CIN - BUST
OL Jason Spitz - average
WR Cory Rodgers - bust ...- out of football
DB Will Blackmon - good
QB Ingle Martin - bust - out of football
OL Tony Moll - plays part time for BAL
DL Johnny Jolly - excellent
DB Tyrone Culver - plays part time for MIA
DL Dave Tollefson - plays part time for NYG

CC said...

Packers 2007 Draft Review

11 picks. 8 still on team

DL Justin Harrell - BUST!
RB Brandon Jackson - bust, 3rd string RB
WR James Jones - average
DB Aaron Rouse - plays part time for NYG
OL Allen Barbre - below average ...
WR David Clowney - plays part time for NYJ
LB Korey Hall - average
LB Desmond Bishop - average
K Mason Crosby - good
RB DeShawn Wynn - good 2nd string rb
TE Clark Harris - plays part time for HOU

Packers 2008 Draft Review

9 picks. 7 still on team

WR Jordy Nelson - good
QB Brian Brohm - BUST!!
DB Patrick Lee - bust - out of football
TE Jermichael Finley - good
DL Jeremy Thompson - below average
OL Josh Sitton - good
OL Breno Giacomini - good
QB Matt Flynn - average
WR Brett Swain - average

CC said...

I'm all about building through the draft but that's only if they can build a good team. The O-Line blows, the defense can't get any pressure on the qb. We have to many penalties and are team is never ready to go. Tampa Bay is pathetic and we are not much better. I've never been so pissed off at a team as I was yesterday. We need to get our shit together asap!

Anonymous said...

Most of those descriptions are accurate. I wouldn't call TMurph a bust though. He's out a football b/c he hurt his back. He was pretty good when healthy.

Winks said...

Ingle Martin is not out of football! He's playing in the UFL!

Gweedo said...

Hey The Bucks beat the Knicks Satuday night.

Anonymous said...

I like the breakdown but you lose all credibility when you call Wynn a good 2nd string back.

Unknown said...

I like the breakdown, can we measure it up to a few other teams for reference? What does a team like an Indy or a Pitt look like with the draft category?

CC said...

Just to make everyone aware that I didn't rank these players. I copy and pasted them from someone else. And I'll look into Indy's draft because I know they will be better!

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