Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do the Packers Still Have a Shot?

Mike McCarthy says that he's worried his team might be losing confidence in himself, and I don't blame him. I honestly have never seen this strong of a reaction to one loss in a long time when it comes to the Packers. You thought it was depressing after either loss to the Vikings this season, but we pretty much went into full 'Jump the Ship' mode after this Tampa Bay debacle. However, the Packers still have eight games - half a season - to salvage things and perhaps still make a playoff run. So I wanted to look at the rest of the season, see just how likely wins would be throughout, and rank them accordingly on the normal scale of 1 (not likely) to 10 (very likely). Let's do it.

November 15th - Dallas Cowboys - 4 points

After the crushing blow handed by the Vikings, and the near season-ender in Tampa, the Packers are going to have a hard time recovering and righting the ship against a Dallas team that has really come into their own lately. I wanted to rate this game a 1 or a 2, but I'm giving it a four on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, the Packers become motivated and remember what winning was likely. Also, who knows, maybe we're so bad that the Cowboys actually overlook us. Either way, if you have Cowboys on your fantasy team, start them. No questions asked.

November 22nd - San Franciso 49ers - 6 points

Mike McCarthy gets to go against his former love interest Alex Smith, the man he drafted over Aaron Rodgers in San Francisco some five years ago. That is, if Mike McCarthy is still the coach at this point in the season. Still think the Packers can pull out this victory, if only for the sustained mediocrity that is the San Francisco 49ers.

November 26th - @ Detroit Lions - 5 points

Detroit has one win on Thanksgiving this decade, and that was against the Packers. If I had to bet my life on this game, I'd bet the Packers. But then again I have a death wish. Only kidding, that'd be creepy if I mentioned that for real. Still, how sad is it when I think the chances of the Packers beating Detroit are comparable to a coin flip?

December 7th - Baltimore Ravens - 7 points

The Packers have the most possible amount of days to rest without having a bye week between their games against the Lions and the Ravens, and I think they'll use that to their advantage at home on a Monday Night. That is, unless Coach McCarthy works the team too hard during the week that they don't have enough energy to maintain an 11 point lead against the worst team in football. Worst. Excuse. Ever.

December 13th - Chicago Bears - 8 points

I don't get a lot of my predictions right, but I have never been more accurate than when I said that Jay Cutler was not an improvement over Kyle Orton for the Chicago Bears. As bad as the Packers are this season, the Bears might even be worse. Eight points might be a little optimistic here, but I think we'll be alright.

December 20th - @ Pittsburgh Steelers - 0 points

No chance.

December 27th - Seattle Seahawks - 7 points

Man, even though the Packers have not looked good at all, they really still have somewhat of a favorable schedule. Even if they struggle the rest of the way, they could almost accidentally be 8-6 heading into this game. Now that might be interesting...

January 3rd - @ Arizona Cardinals - 5 points

Yesterday, I wrote an article talking about how the 2009 was pretty much over. Today, I'm writing that the Packers could conceivably win this game to go to 10-6 and have a decent chance of making the playoffs. See how delusional I can be sometimes? The Packers have four wins this season. One is against the Bears, and the other three are against teams that are 1-7, and yet I just basically predicted to go 6-2 the rest of the way, give or take a game or two.


CC said...

Indy's drafts since 2005. You can be the judge of how good each person is.

Indy 2005 Draft 40 % still on team
CB - Marlin Jackson – on team
CB – Kelvin Hayden – on team
DE - Vincent Burns – not on team – out of league
OG – Dylan Gandy – not on team – on lions
S – Matt Giordano – not on team – one of the packs great free agent signings
DE – Jonathan Welsh – not on team – out of nfl
C – Robert Hunt – not on team – out of nfl
LB – Tyjuan Hagler – on team
K – Dave Rayner – not on team – not on nfl team right now
RB – Anthony Davis – not on team

Indy 2006 Draft 86% still on team
RB – Joseph Addai – on team
CB – Tim Jennings – on team - Starter
LB – Freddie Keiaho – on team
OG – Michael Toudouze – not on team
OT – Charlie Johnson – on team – starter
S – Antoine Bethea – on team - starter
CB – T.J. Rushing – on team – gets solid playing time

Indy 2007 Draft 55 % still on team
WR – Anthony Gonzalez – on team - starter
OT – Tony Ugoh – on team
CB – Daymeion Hughes – not on team
DT – Quinn Pitcook – not on team
S – Brannon Condren – not on team
LB – Clint Sessions – on team - starter
WR – Roy Hall – on team
CB – Michael Coe – not on team
LB – Keyunta Dawson – on team

Indy 2008 Draft 66% still on team
C – Mike Pollak – on team
LB – Phillip Wheller – on team - starter
TE – Jacob Tamme – on team
LB – Marcus Howard – not on team
TE – Tom Santi – on team
C – Steve Justice – not on team
RB – Mike Hart - not on team
WR – Pierre Garcon – on team - starter
C – Jamey Richard – on team

Unknown said...

solid copy/paste west.

and i'd have to go with a zero for nov. 22nd. Not only because I will be there, but b/c DeMarcus Ware is going to thoroughly rape rodgers, hard enough that rodgers will report a fake case of the flu so he doesn't have to get decapitated and sodomized by willis the following week. flynn will not flourish.

although alexshaunhillsmith sucks so, who knows

Darkschner said...

Wow, ... Baltimore and Chicago in Chicago... Seriously... you my friend, are a homer...

lightschner said...

no offense darkschner.. but when it comes to the pack you pretty much float which ever way the wind blows.

BuckyBook said...

I'd say they're 8-8 and can't get very excited about the slim chance of 10-6 and playoffs because it would be a short stay. Super Bowl talent minus the worst offensive line in the NFL equals a big disappointment.

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