Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drunk Off My Love For Jennings

(Winks note: I've really appreciated Gweeds coming over to The Bucky Channel and helping me out with Bucks posts this season, and this one is no exception. However, Gweeds might have had a little too much fun last night, and this post is the result. PS OMG JENNINGS!)

Hello Brandon Jennings, welcome to Milwaukee. For those who were not smart and decided to take a cab from their apartment to a bar in the third quarter of Saturday night's game raise your hand. Well my hand is up, and for that Wisconsin fans I can say I missed the greatest thing that happened to this state since Wade took Marquette to the final four. Today the post will be a little different as I will go through my night, as much as I can remember anyway, with highlights from the game thrown in.

7:30 Bear tells me to save the progress in Smackdown vs Raw 2010 and turn on the Bucks. I start to get a little worried because everyone is talking about how the Warriors have such a great offense. Not sure how the Bucks will shut them down.

7:35 Lets make a Captian and Coke Zero for the game. The game starts and we can't make a shot for the life of us.

8:00 First quarter is done, Bucks are down 30-21. Starting to think that the Denver game was a dick tease. The drinks are just adding up and this is going to be a long night for this Bucks defense.

8:30 Called a cab and the Bucks are getting rocked with a few minutes to go in the half. Bear says to me, "Why are you making a drink the cab is coming soon?" The Bucks are sucking so I have to drink away the pain.

8:37 The Bucks make a little run right before half, only to give up a late three. The Bucks are down by 8 at halftime.

8:45 The cab picks us up and takes us downtown. This was the biggest mistake of the night. At this point I had a good buzz going so we forgot about the game.

9:30 Me and Bear decide to ask the bartenders to turn the game on. Lets see how they are doing. WTF the Bucks are winning? What happened to this team, they couldn't make a shot in the first half. Bear finds out that Jennings has about 42 at this time, with 9 minutes left in the game.

9:45 The Bucks are starting to get a lead, and I am just running around like we won a title or something. Jennings just keeps scoring and he can't be stopped.

10:00 The game was almost getting done. I was giving Bear high fives like we were getting paid to do it. He keep spilling his drink and was getting pissed at me but Jennings would make everything good.

10:02 The game is over Bucks win 129-125. Me and Bear are just loving life. Jennings finishes with 55 points. A new rookie record for the Bucks. This guy is for real people, start watching him. We have something special here ladies and Gentleman.

10:03 My boy Pat O is texting me that Brandon Jennings is the best. He is also saying lets get season tickets and go to all the games. Jennings pulled the biggest Y2J ever. He is saving us. We need to respect this team and fill the stands.

10:05 Time to take shots and blackout for the night... If anyone saw me and knows what happened please let me know.

(Winks note: That is pretty much what happened Gweeds, and it didn't get prettier from there. Although he did perform much better than the girl he brought over, who ended up passing out on the kitchen floor.)

So missing the third quarter of the game could be the worst part of the night but thanks to the Internet we can watch replay video. Click here to see the great night Jennings had. His final number weres: 21-34 from the field. 7-8 from deep range. 55 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists. This guy is for real.

Oh yeah I guess some other guys played too so check them out with help from the next clue. Also CC you won already so you can't play anymore. Cause when the roof caved in and the truth came out.


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