Sunday, November 22, 2009

ESPN Coming Around on the Bucks

In all my years of watching the Bucks, I can honestly say that I've never seen anyone have as quick of an impact, and a positive one for that matter, than Brandon Jennings. All it took was a 55-point game and quick start to an 8-3 record, and suddenly people are talking about Brandon Jennings and Bucks basketball (Gweeds will have more on the Bucks 103-98 over the Grizzlies tomorrow night). I can't tell you how many Facebook profiles I've seen of people suddenly expressing interest in the Bucks, which is a definite good thing.

ESPN isn't playing around any longer either, and are jumping on the Bucks bandwagon as well. It's no secret that the Bucks have had very little national TV exposure since the days of the Big Three, and this year they weren't scheduled to make any such appearances outside of NBA TV. That's changed however, as the Bucks game against the Thunder this Friday night as been moved to an 8:30 CT start time to accommodate an ESPN telecast.

This game will mark the end of a very tough road stretch for the Bucks, as they also have San Antonio and New Orleans this week. Here's to hoping people find their way to the Bucks game on Friday night to check out Jennings and his teammates, and here's to hoping they put on a good show (also here's to hoping that when the Bucks do play on ESPN in the future it won't be such a big deal that I choose to make a post about it!).


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