Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farewell, Brian Brohm

Less than two months after he was drafted, I went out to an establishment in my old hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin. To my amazement, I saw a pretty young woman rocking a Brian Brohm jersey. I would have talked to her, but I knew she had to be delusional. So far, with Brohm failing to not only beat Matt Flynn on the depth chart but also failing to make the 53-man roster, I was right in my assessment. But, lo and behold, Brohm's been given a second chance.

Like they did with Craig Nall so many years ago, the Bills are giving a former Packers quarterback another chance. Brohm has been scooped off the Packers practice squad and signed by the Bills, although I doubt I'll be betting my friend Shep that Brohm will be winning an NFL MVP anytime soon (yes, I actually lost $100 on Craig Nall that way). While I haven't seen anything from Brohm that makes me think he'll even be a start in this league, the Bills did pretty well with claiming Jamon Meredith off our practice squad, so you never know.

The Packers made a play to keep Ted Thompson's second round pick of a year ago, cutting Jake Allen to make a roster spot for him. But Brohm decided that if he was going to have any success in the NFL, it wasn't going to be in Green Bay, and he signed a two-year deal with Buffalo.

So with the Packers back down to two quarterbacks, they've plucked former Central Washington quarterback Mike Reilly from wherever the hell he was working and signed him to the practice. He did receive some buzz before the draft, but was ultimately cut by Pittsburgh before the start of this season. I don't expect anything out of this guy other than to keep the practice squad warm until we sign a backup veteran next offseason.


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