Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gilbert Browns Calls a Kettle Black

Packers fans have been doubting Mike McCarthy for days now (if not the last few weeks to years), but now a former Packers player is jumping into the mix. Gilbert Brown was on Milwaukee's WSSP on Tuesday morning saying that the Packers' struggles can be attributed to Mike McCarthy. "It's the head coach's fault," Brown said. "Everything that goes on starts with the big man up front."

Interesting points, Gilbert Brown, calling out a team's head coach. What about that time you were given a three-year contract to coach the Milwaukee Bonecrushers only to leave one year later for irreconcilable differences with ownership? How well did things go for you that year Gilbert?

Nevertheless, Brown has some good points when talking about what the Vikings games did to this Packers team. "The Vikings have stole our swagger, period," Brown said. "Everybody on that team stole our swagger. Took our quarterback. Took our heart on Lambeau Field. Took our heart in front of millions of fans on TV. Then you go out and lose to an 0-7 team. The debacle started when they played the Vikings right there. The two Vikings games crushed the season."

It'll be interesting to see what if anything other former players might say about McCarthy as we move forward here, but I think Brown might be the only one to do so. Players only tend to speak out about their former team when they haven't been in the limelight for awhile, and Brown seems to be one of those guys. But hey, he shouldn't have too much problem finding attention this year. He's on tap to be the inaugural coach for the Indoor Football League's La Crosse Spartans!


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