Friday, November 6, 2009

J.J. We Hardy Knew Thee

I haven't seen writing on the wall this obvious since my final days at the television I worked at in La Crosse, so I don't think that anyone should be surprised by the Brewers trade of J.J Hardy to the Minnesota Twins on Friday for outfielder Carlos Gomez. Hardy became expendable the moment that the Crew finally decided to call up Alcides Escobar from the minors, and with the Brewers shortstop of the future already on the club there was no room for Hardy.

Couple of things I wanted to point out about this trade, with the most pressing issue first. Nobody is going to be more devastated about this trade than chick Brewers fans. He was their guy, for he was "J.J. Hottie". A good looking dude, sure, and the women flocked to him. The sad part is that chicks really knew how to rock the J.J. Hardy jersey shirts too. No Brewers fan was hotter than a girl in a Hardy jersey shirt, so that will be missed. However, I have always said that there is no hotter woman fan in baseball than the one that wears a Twins jersey shirt. Even though I don't like the Twins, you can't deny the hotness. Can you imagine now how hot the chicks will be that wear the Hardy Twins jersey shirts? Ridiculous. Especially when they wear their hair in a ponytail through their ballcap, oh..... (it's quite obvious I have been single for a long time, no?)

As for the actual on-the-field ramifications, I'm definitely a fan of this move, although it's surprising that we didn't trade Hardy for some sort of pitcher. In essence, we may have though, because of how much cap room we're clearing with this deal. Gomez is making chicken scratch (for now) and this all but means the end of Mike Cameron's time as a Brewer. That makes me a bit sad because I'm a big Cameron guy, especially loving what he brings to the clubhouse and to the moral of the team. But Gomez is fast as hell, a solid defender, and should provide us with a legitimate lead-off option for once. So with the money that will be cleared by Hardy's contract and that should be cleared with Cameron's, expect the Brewers to use that on starting pitching.

As for Hardy, I wish him the best of luck in Minnesota. He wasn't the greatest player, and he was a little too streaky at times, but he was a part of the Brewers (brief?) resurgence and for that he will be forever loved. He did say he was grateful of his time in Milwaukee, especially because of the fans, and the only thing that ticked him off about his stay was when he got sent down to Nashville just because Melvin wanted to delay his free agency (a dick move, yes, but it got us Carlos Gomez, so...). Here's hoping that Hardy does well in Minnesota, and that Carlos Gomez doesn't suck either.


Jonk said...

"Gomez ... should provide us with a legitimate lead-off option for once."

Career on-base percentage is .292, and this year was even worse at .287. His OPS this year (623) was worse than Jason Kendall (636). Yes, Kendall.

Why is Gomez a legitimate lead-off option?

Winks said...

Gomez shouldn't lead off. I was wrong. My bad everyone!

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