Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marquette Lets Tournament Slip Away

With a roster missing the three guards that gave Marquette a boost last season, many are speculative as to what kind of team the Golden Eagles will be this season. If their play in the Old Spice Classic is any indication, their fast-paced, perimeter attacking offense should be one that will help them win some games this season. But, as we also saw, they may lack the resolve to close out the tight games down the stretch. Nevertheless, their play in this tournament should turn some heads, and shows that this season could be one of great promise.

Marquette started the tournament Thanksgiving Day with a solid win over Xavier, and then followed that up with a very impressive double-digit win over Michigan. With the victories, Marquette earned themselves a final appearance against the Seminoles from Florida State.

Marquette actually dominated for most of the game against Florida State, but gave the lead away as soon as fellow Bucky Channel writer Gweeds decided to jinx them. The end result was a 57-56 loss, and Marquette would fall just short of being named champions. Lazar Hayward lead MU with 19 points, while Darius Johnson-Odom chipped in 17 as well. No points tonight from Youssoupha Mbao, my new favorite college basketball player. The 7'2'' freshman center from Senegal got a few seconds of playing time trying to defend an inbound pass at the end of the game, and while he didn't end up stealing the ball, he stole our hearts. We're rooting for you Mbao!

Hastily-written semi-reviews of basketball games and shoutouts to Youssoupha Mbao. That's the kind of Marquette coverage you should come to expect here at The Bucky Channel.


Gweedo said...

How did I jinx them. Bear wears a FSU hat all the time. Deep down he was happy last night, but he just didn't want to show it.

Bear said...

haha, weak...

I haven't wore that FSU hat in awhile, I was wearing Marquette Basketball shorts, and I psuedo-like FSU football and not there basketball team.

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