Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NFL Coverage Maps: Week Ten

Last weekend, the Arizona Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears game was so bad so early, and because of that the majority of that audience was shifted to the Packers vs. Buccaneers game. Oh, what a joy that was for the American viewing audience. Well, America will have another chance to watch the Packers get embarrassed this weekend, as their game against the Cowboys will be shown to about 85% of the country. Great. Here are the games Wisconsin is getting this weekend:

CBS Single Game Coverage Map - Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Fox Early Game Coverage Map - Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

Fox Late Game Coverage Map - Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers


Gweedo said...

Good thing we get to see a winning QB in the early games. Someone that doesn't get rattled when he gets sacked. A guy that when the time gets tough he gets tougher, and come through in the end. The guy is also such a team player. Him and his Offensive line are such great friends.

Oh and for those who think this is about that Favre guy needs to get a clue. I am talking about Big Ben, and how he hosted Raw, and his whole line became friends with DX. The guy is a team player no way around it. He is awesome. A guy you could never cheer against. Always a good guy to have on when da old pack don't play at noon. As for the noon Fox game Winks that will no be shown on our TV.

Unknown said...

yeah, don't forget:

NFLN Thursday Game - FIBS @ FAGS - The entire WORLD.

Fags will prevail - and I mean before that phrase was changed to mean Harley riders.

Go 'ol Small Hands, thinking some of you cheese heads will be on my side again this week?

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