Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nice Weekend for the Badgers

I haven't really given fair coverage to the Badgers lately, but it was a solid weekend for the University of Wisconsin in terms of athletics. The Badgers football team continued to stay hot and won another game they were supposed to win, as they beat Michigan 45-24 at Camp Randall. The man pictured above, John Clay, had another solid performance with 151 yards and a touchdown, and it's a shame he's not getting more national recognition. But the real star of this game was quarterback Scott Tolzien, who had five total touchdowns, four via the air and one on the ground.

With this win, the Badgers are now at 8-2 on the season. They only teams that they have lost to are Ohio State and Iowa, and those two teams just contended for the Big Ten title this weekend, so that's pretty good. I don't know how close this Badgers team is to becoming a national championship contender, but with a lot of these guys set to return next season I'm feeling pretty confident they can put together a solid run at a Big Ten title. But I don't want to get to ahead of myself, the Badgers still have Northwestern and Hawaii before they out what bowl they are headed to this year.

Not to be ignored is the Wisconsin basketball team, which started their regular season on Sunday with a 75-46 win over IPFW, which is apparently a college somewhere. Nice win for the Badgers in front of the home crowd, but nothing to get too particular about. Leading scorers in this one were Jon Leuer with 19 points and Jason Bohannon with 12. The Badgers have another one of these should be tune-up games against Oakland on Wednesday, and then they are headed to Hawaii for the Maui Invitational.

So overall, good weekend for the Badgers, and I'm looking forward to what the future might bring for both of these teams.


Unknown said...

Don't forget the hockey team pwned UAA at the Kohl both nights, combined 11-3 goals.

And this is pretty much the only sport (men's) with a national title, 2006, and a consistent roster to be in contention.

ok i get it nobody gives a shat about hockey

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