Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random NFL Thoughts

I was pretty much in and out of consciousness all day on Sunday, but I did find some time to catch the day's Packer-less NFL action. Some thoughts:

* Not many people would have guessed the Titans would start 0-6, but fewer thought they'd win their next five games to improve to 5-6. Benching Kerry Collins was something that was six weeks overdue, and Vince Young is rewriting the history books about him this season. Before this year, "bust", "suicidal", and "mental stability" were words that were used to describe this guy, but now he's got the Titans one game out of the playoffs. It'd be improbable for this team to make the postseason after the start to the season they had, but I'm almost beginning to believe it's more improbable for them not to make it. This team is special behind Vince Young, and their last-second win over Arizona was proof of that.

* As much as I hate to admit it, maybe my friend Shep is right. We had a spirited discussion this weekend about if Favre should be the MVP or not, and I kept saying that he would be if not for Peyton Manning. Well, I'm starting to think that Favre's going to get it, even if the Colts go 10-0. The better Favre plays, the more angry I get, because he's either been tanking purposely the last few seasons or he's gotten superhuman powers from the V's this offseason. He's playing mistake-free football and he seems like a great teammate. I don't know who this version of Brett Favre is, it's certainly not the one we've been used to lately, but he's the front-runner for the MVP at this point. Lame.

* Michael Turner officially ruined my fantasy season. With a high ankle sprain that was expected to keep him out for weeks, Turner somehow decided he was healthy enough to play. I was actually hoping my new pick up Jason Snelling would have the opportunity to shred the Buccaneers defense, but instead Turner had to come back and ruin the party. Instead, Turner gets re-injured after 33 yards, Snelling ends up with just eight, and somehow Norwood sneaks in there and gets 22. With the mess in that backfield, and the injury to Matt Ryan, I'm putting a fork in the Falcons. Actually, now that I write that I realize that the Falcons actually did win today. Even though I saw the end of the game, and I saw them win, for some reason I thought they lost and their season was over. Oh wait, that would be my fantasy team...

* It seems more and more unlikely for the Houston Texans to ever make the playoffs. This is a team that looks to be an 8-8 squad for life, there's just no denying it. Even when they went up 17-0 against the Colts, you knew there was no way in hell they were going to hang on to that lead. They have a great offense, and their defense is solid too, but this team just can't get over the hump. As for the Colts, they are looking more and more like they are going to go undefeated, especially with Manning as the best player/coach in history. Although they'll face an unlikely test next weekend, and they take on VY and the Titans.


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