Sunday, December 6, 2009

Badgers Roll Over Warriors

Because of the whole working on Saturdays situation I take part in, I really haven't been able to sit down and watch a full Badgers game this season. But that was a trend I was hoping to change last night, as the Badgers took on Hawaii late Saturday night and actually well into Sunday morning. However, this game didn't start until after the Texas/Nebraska game, a game which left a sour taste in my mouth because the college football postseason system is a joke. So I decided to make a claim that I would not be watching another college football game until there is a playoff, and decided not to watch the Badgers play at all.

Now, whether or not I'll follow through with that is another story, but that will be tackled during this week's Winks Thinks on Sports Bubbler. The real truth is that I was too blitzed up to watch much of the game, and we'll leave it at that. But it looks like I missed another good one, as the Badgers tuned up for whatever bowl game they'll be headed to with a 51-10 victory over Hawaii.

Basically, this was a game dominated by John Clay as the Badgers running back steamrolled for 172 yards and three touchdowns. It's nice to see that kind of performance from him on national television, as that will give him some more exposure for some possible Heisman talk with him coming back next season. Scott Tolzien played well also, as did the defense with a pair of interceptions.

All this game really did was help the Badgers get the taste of that Northwestern loss out of their mouth as they head into bowl season. We'll find out shortly who they'll play, but it looks like the Badgers will be headed to either a New Year's Day bowl or a date around there. Bowl games are so stupid - bowl officials are more concerned about which team will bring in more revenue than which team deserves to be there, yet another reason why college football is fucking stupid.

But let's be honest here. This latest Badgers game meant nothing on the field, and the only reason the Badgers went to Hawaii was because every year the team travels somewhere warm so that the boosters can plan a vacation centered around a Badger game. I'm not kidding - just think of how many times we've traveled to San Diego State and/or UNLV in the past ten years. Actually, the Badgers are heading back to Vegas next season, which segues me into letting you know about this cool site that shows the Badgers known upcoming schedules all the way through 2018.

Anyways, I'm too bitter about college football to talk about it anymore, so that's about it for this post.


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