Sunday, December 6, 2009

Badgers to Face The U

The University of Wisconsin vs. The University of Miami. The two schools have only faced three times in their history, with the last meeting coming as a 51-3 Hurricanes victory in Madison all the way back in 1989. Their fourth meeting will take place in the Champs Sports Bowl on Tuesday, December 29th. Kickoff will be 7pm on ESPN, and it should be a good game to watch, providing that I decide to actually watch college football again. Stupid bowl system.


Unknown said...

only good to come of it is at least the tide are playing for a title, i'm not sure if that's my bias or not though.

say cincy wins... we have three undefeated teams (tcu/bsu & tide/horns). What other sport can you win every single game/event/match and not have a chance to become champion. g@y. granted alabama & texas may be the best two teams (which is another reason it sucks texas won b/c now the bcs supporters can use that arguement endlessly), but if you're going to use computers to figure something out, use them to determine an 8 or 16-team playoff field.

whatever though, time to roll the horns

and what the hell is 'ungsteni,' is that even a word it's making me type below?

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