Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ben Wallace, Really?

The Bucks and their old nemesis in the Detroit Pistons faced off once again on Friday night, and this game brought back memories of last years Bucks team. They came out flat and got outplayed. Been there, done that. Everyone on the court just looked clueless to how to stop Ben Wallace from getting free dunks, and honestly I didn't even know Wallace was back with the Pistons till the starting lineups last night.

It's a shame too, because the Pistons have not had a lot of luck scoring this year. But that was definitely not the case Friday night in the worst city ever Detroit. The 105 points the Pistons put up was the second highest they have had this season. Pretty impressive for a team is playing without the likes of Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince.

I really had high hopes for the Bucks going into this game. Andrew Bogut had a stellar first half scoring zero points on 0-3 shooting, and a massive zero rebounds. That just won't cut it for a former number one overall pick. Not scoring is one thing, but if he's going play this poorly then he needs to pick up the rest of his game. This team is run around Bogut, and whatever success he will be duplicated by the Bucks. When he plays bad this team has nothing to hold its head high about. This team needs Bogut to be their leader and I think too much pressure is being put on "Young Money."

To their credit, the Bucks made a late run real late, but they just couldn't make a few late tray balls that might have made this a game. Instead, they took the loss 105-96 in a not so great showing. Overall, a weak performance from the Bucks starting five. Delfino scored all of his 15 in the first half. Bogut scored all 8 of his points in the second half. No on really had a consistent day of scoring which led to a few runs by the Pistons that the Bucks could never recover from. Lets take a look at a few of the highlights from the game.

* Luke Ridnour is just doing everything for this team right now. He had another strong game off the bench with 21 pts, 9 asts. He shot lights out going 7-11 from the field, and 3-5 from downtown. He is going to get another Bucks POTG award. This is way too many awards for him with us not winning games. We need other people to put up some numbers when Ridnour is hot.

* Jennings couldn't find his shot but really didn't force shots till late in the fourth quarter. He still put up 8 dimes and made three 3's. Not a bad game but his shooting percentage is really falling of late. He needs another big game to get some confidence back in his shot.

* I guess this is an improvement but it wont get the job done - the Bucks got to the line 19 times Friday night. The only problem is the Pistons got to the line 33 times. Start driving to the hoop guys, grow a set.

* Ben Wallace was just a monster against us. He shut down Bogut all night. He had 3 or 4 wide open dunks. The guy looked like an all-star not a guy that they put on the court to get rebounds. He won Hunter of the Night hands down. If you watched the whole game this guy was in on all the plays that determined the outcome.

Overall, a bad night in the Palace of Auburn Hills. On another note if you did watch the game last night you saw the insane LeBron James vs Brandon Jennings ad. Only for the Bucks would they hype the shit out of a regular season Sunday afternoon game. If you didn't see it watch FSN tonight and maybe they will show it. I don't know but I watched it a few times. I also laughed a few times. Next up for the 9-9 Bucks are those Cavs. Lets hope FSN is right and this game isn't a blow out for the Cavs.


Walk On Boy said...

I will become a Witness of BJ or a BJ Witness, or a Witness and close personal witness of BJ. In any case I'm going to the game tomorrow and rather excited about popping my Bucks cherry.

Too many double entendres? I think not.

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