Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bucks Continue Slide, Fall to Celtics

There's a reason why Gweeds writes the majority of the Bucks recaps around here. Simply put, he's just more of a basketball guy than I am. But even I, or anyone else for that matter, can see that the Bucks are struggling right now, and struggling bad. In their latest disaster, Milwaukee did show enough to stay competitive with Boston, but ultimately fell to the Celtics 98-89. It was their 7th straight loss in their last eight games. Not good.

Boston is a team that has been quite the opposite of the Bucks lately, as they've been perhaps the hottest team in the league. I'm not sure if they were toying around with Milwaukee throughout this one or what, because for the most part this was a competitive game. It wasn't really until the last five minutes or so until the Celtics pulled away and make the Bucks start looking stupid.

The Bucks aren't a bad team, especially not as bad as we thought they might be before the season. But they're not that good either, and that was quite apparent especially in the last five minutes. Stupid turnovers, ugly shots, desperation three pointers - all signs of a team not quite ready to succeed. They'll get there, eventually, but it might take some time.

Milwaukee did get some good play out of their starters though, specifically Andrew Bogut. The Aussie had 25 points and 14 rebounds, good enough for a Bucks POTG. Jennings also put up his with 17 points, but he only had four assists. Illysova added 19 points as well.

For the Celtics, let's give Garnett the Hunter of the Night as he matched Bogut's 25 points, and played great defense throughout the game. There was one part of the 4th quarter where I found it odd that he was somehow guarding Brandon Jennings, but lo and behold he forced Jennings to double dribble and give the ball back to Boston. I could also give it to Rajon Rondo I guess. One, because he was a rebound away from a triple double. Two, because he's my boy and Gweeds hates his guts.

Good news for Milwaukee is that they'll be able to quickly shake this one off as they take on the Raptors Wednesday night. Assuming the game starts anyway, what with the nasty weather that is invading the great state of Wisconsin as I write this.

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