Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bucks Start Hot, Finish Ugly

In the early moments of the Bucks game against the visiting Cavaliers, things were looking too good to be true. The Bucks started the game hot with high intensity as they got to an early 11-0 lead, and forced Cleveland to call an early timeout. Again, things were looking like this might be a good game. But then the Cavs decided to play some ball too, and things were definitely too good to be true.

Late in the first quarter and early in the second quarter is when this game got out of hand. The Bucks decided to miss every shot and Cleveland went on an unprecedented 29-0 run. During this run Milwaukee took some awful shots and just looked lost. What went from a game that was suppose to be Jennings vs James actually turned into the Bucks announcers vs James.

The game got so out of hand early that all Paschke and McGlocklin talked about was how James is a poor sport, how he shouldn't dance around the court, and how Kobe is the true face of the NBA. I think that some of the stuff James does does maybe get a little out of hand, but overall he is trying to have fun. I also thinks it makes the people around him better when he makes them feel loose and he doesn't take the game so seriously. I think people need to start looking at what LeBron does and say at least he is out there having fun. Chad Ochocinco does the same stuff in the NFL, but it shows that he really wants to win. He also likes it when the people around him do well. If you ask me that is the definition of a team player.

(Winks Note: While I do agree with most of what Gweeds is saying, James antics did make it look like he wasn't taking the Bucks seriously at all. I guess I wouldn't either when my team scores 30 straight points, but it was definitely embarrassing. Sure, it might have been a little out of hand, but maybe James does do all the dancing, the taunting, the jumping up and down on the floor even when the GAME IS GOING ON RIGHT IN FROM OFF HIM, maybe he doesn't do all that if the Bucks would have actually been, you know, competitive. Back to Gweeds.)

With that rant out of the way, James didn't really have that huge of a day statistically. They didn't really need him to do anything, which was evident because he was on the bench for most of that big run in the first half. LeBron could have been inactive and this Cavs team still would have scored 29 unanswered, especially with how bad the Bucks shot in the early going.

One of the guys that did step up was Delonte West. The Cavs reserve had a season high of 21 points, which is not bad for someone coming off of the bench. There's been talk that West isn't the most cheery guy, and that some days he just doesn't feel like playing. It's too bad one of those days wasn't Sunday. The Bucks would play better in the second half, but it was too little too late. Lets look at a few of the highlights from Sunday's game.

* Brandon Jennings had a nice second half, something that finally gave the crowd something to cheer about. He started driving to the hole, and he looked good doing it. Jennings finished the game with 24 points, 4 rebs, and 4 asts. This will earn him the Bucks POTG. Brandon also had a sweet behind the back dribble that schooled Mo Williams, but LeBron blocked the layup. Would have been a top play for sure if he makes it.

* Charlie Bell came off the bench because Skiles wanted Mbah a Moute to match up with LeBron. Didn't really work, as Bell didn't do a thing from the bench. Charlie played nine minutes with zero points and a +/- of -22. Good showing for Bell Sunday, I said with a heavy sarcastic tone.

* The Bucks took 93 shots, but only made 35. Think what you want about that, because I really don't even know what to say.

* Fun fact time: Andrew Bogut has never beat Shaq.

* Mo Williams was back in the BC Sunday. Like most of the other starters he didn't really have a career game, but he was a good sport to Squad 6. Late in the game when it was out of control Mo was shooting some free throws, and Squad 6 started a "shave your shoulders" chant. Mo after making the free throws gave Squad 6 a thumbs up.

* Greg Jennings was at the game. He threw signed footballs into the crowd during a time out. Good thing he did this for the fans because that was all they got out of their money in this game.

* King James did end the game with a double double, but only scored 14 points, 10 asts. That was his second lowest total of the season.

* As previously mentioned, Delonte West scored 21 points. He was also 9-9 from the free throw line. That will earn him the Hunter of the Day award.

Not going to get much easier for the Bucks as they play the Celtics in Boston on Tuesday. They will take their 9-10 record on the road for one game before coming back home Wednesday. Just was not a good day for the Bucks Sunday, and I kind of wish the Packers would have played a 3:00 game so that I didn't have to suffer through this shit.


Gweedo said...

I also forgot to add the point that Kobe raped a chick, Tigers wife left the house. James hasnt done anything yet so till he does I have to say he is a role model to young kids.

P.S. His time will come.

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