Monday, December 7, 2009

The Bucky Five: And Another Flag Was Just Thrown

1. Penalties, and What Do Mean Your In-Laws? - The score was 27-14 in favor of the Packers, but the numbers that will be most looked at after their game with the Baltimore Ravens is the 310 total yards in penalties. Every week I feel I mention at least something about how bad the Packers were committing fouls, and they were again Monday night committing 11 penalties for 175 yards, with two of those being massive pass interference flags on Tramon Williams. The Ravens though were equal to the task, racking up twelve flags for 135 yards. All in all, a sloppy and likely unenjoyable game if you were anyone but a Packers fan. But for us Cheeseheads, it was a pretty enjoyable night as the Packers won their fourth straight game to improve to 8-4. I admit I thought we were done after the loss in Tampa, but we are finally looking like the team I thought we could be. Stay the course Pack, stay the course.

2. Just Stick to Blocking Please - Let it not be overlooked that in this game, Mark Tauscher caught a pass and Evan Dietrich-Smith returned a kickoff only to fumble. I know that the offensive line has had their problems this season, but let's keep those problems to the offensive line and not in the passing and kick return game.

3. I Think The 3-4 is Working - All week long the Packers were starting a get a little more attention for their defense, and they showed why on Monday night. Even with Kampman and Harris out, the defense is playing at the top of their game. Well, minus all the pass interference penalties of course. Nick Collins had an interception and a fumble recovery, A.J. Hawk had a game sealing interception, Clay Matthews had a couple of sacks and keeps getting better, and Charles Woodson made a great tackle on Ray Rice in the red zone late in the game that set up a Tramon Williams interception. The whole reason the Packers changed to this 3-4 scheme this season was so that the Packers didn't blow games late like they constantly did last season. I think that the switch worked.

4. More Love For Rodgers - Aaron Rodgers threw two interceptions. Um, oh well. Fine by me when you also throw for 263 yards with three touchdowns, rush for thirty yards, and continue to be the best player ever on third downs. Seriously, what is it with Rodgers on third downs? It's like he can't not convert them. He's struggled at times this season, sure, but he's had one of the best seasons as far as quarterbacks go. I'd put him right below Peyton and Brees, and ahead of Favre as where he is on the season. A terrific campaign by Rodgers so far this season, and a huge reason why we're in the driver's seat right now for the Wild Card. By the way, OMG Jermichael Finley.

5. Green > Grant? - I'm only half-joking about this one, but that also means I'm half-serious. Take it from someone who needed just nine points from Ryan Grant to make his fantasy playoffs for the first time since 2002 (that's another story), there is just something not right with this back. You look around the league and you see guys gain three yards per carry by accident. For Grant, it seems like every yard is a war that he just can't win. Then you throw old balls Ahman Green in there, and he's ripping off five yard runs with ease. Also, Grant is non-existent in the passing game, something that is fine as long as Brandon Jackson stays healthy. I'm not saying we need to make a change immediately, but we should definitely keep our eyes open during the offseason on putting someone else in that backfield.


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