Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bucky Stuns 5th Ranked Blue Devils

Isn't it great to watch a team exceed expectations? Who would have thought before this season that the badgers would start the season with this kind of momentum? It was only two years ago, when a much better Badger team on paper went to Cameron Indoor Stadium and was routed by 24 points. Redemption would be spelled T-R-E-V-O-N tonight however as the Badgers held off the Duke Blue Devils 73-69 at the Kohl Center.

With this year looking like an up year for the Big Ten the stage was set for the Badger Duke game to play a huge roll in who would take the ACC/Big Ten Challenge title this year. Thanks in part to the Badgers, the Big Ten would clinch its first win ever in the challenge in its 11 year existence. Duke also saw its first loss as a challenge participant.

Trevon Hughes had a huge game for Wisconsin scoring 26 points, hitting 4 three pointers to keep ahead of the Blue Devil pace. Jon Leuer added 17 points as well, scoring 12 in the first half. The main headache for the Badgers was Duke stud scorer Kyle Singler who ended with 28 points.

The main difference in the game tonight was the turnover differential. Duke ended the night with 11 TO's while Wisky ended with 6. Another one of the many bright spots that is not going to show up in the box scored is the awesome job Ryan Evans did tonight. The high-top fade freshman, reminiscent of the Fresh Prince, has logged big minutes and has played great defense. It is gonna be real interesting to see how he continues to grow in Bo Ryan's game plan over the next 4 years.

The 6-1 Badgers move forward to take on Grambling St. at home on Saturday before they get a double dip of Wisconsin based teams in UW-Green Bay and Marquette.

If you want to be a Badger just come along with me by the light of the moon, by the light of the moon.....


Winks said...

I know it's pointless saying after the fact, but I've had a good feeling about this game all week, not sure why. Just thought it was the Badgers time, and it was a great game.

Sure it's just one game at the beginning of the season, but the Badgers win gave them a huge leg up in the tournament considerations, and helped the Big Ten finally win this challenge. An enormous regular season win tonight, great stuff.

Good to have you (temporarily?) back Bear!

Unknown said...

can't wait for the whitewash v. blackwash saturday (although Bo's showing shades of dark this year).

by the way, what happened to the nude russian sniper posting earlier? i miss her

Tony Brown said...

Jordan Taylor played real well too. Hughes was pretty much the shooting guard with Taylor taking the point. Bob Knight was sucking Duke's D**K all night long, but I guess that is no surprise.

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