Monday, December 28, 2009

I Don't Like When Northwestern Does Well

There a few things we won't change our mind about here at The Bucky Channel: Favre is a douche, Cutler sucks, A Christmas Story is a terrible movie, and Northwestern is a joke. The first three things I mentioned I will take to my grave, but the last one is slowly unraveling in front of my face. Somehow, someway, Northwestern is turning into a reputable athletic institution.

After a halfway decent season on the gridiron, one in which they even beat my beloved Badgers, the men's basketball team is proving me wrong as well. For the first time since the 60's, the Northwestern Wildcats are ranked in the Associated Press Poll, sliding in at number 25. Thankfully, the Badgers are also back in the poll at number 23, so all is right in the world as they are at least ahead of Northwestern.

But the question is, if I write a blog focused on primarily Wisconsin sports, then why do I worry so much about a team that has historically sucked and never really been a threat to the Badgers? The answer is simple, my friends. It's because when I hate something, I really hate something. I hate Favre because he's a traitor, I hate Cutler because Bears fans think he's God, I hate A Christmas Story because TBS plays it for 24 hours straight even though it's not a good movie, and I hate Northwestern because their athletic Hall of Fame includes a picture of Darnell Autry and that's about it.

Then again, Cutler looked awesome against the Vikings tonight, Northwestern has a ranked basketball team, and I came across five minutes of A Christmas Story the other day and didn't entirely hate.

Oh well, at least Favre is still a douche.


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