Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Right

From Sunday, December 13th, in an article I wrote entitled "The Bucky Five: That Makes Five in a Row": "Bear"ly Enough - I thought about going with that catchy little phrase as the title for this post, but I figured that most of the news outlets would have already swooped it up. Plus, I'm pretty sure my hometown paper, the Fond du Lac Reporter, will use that headline for like the 30th straight year.

Remarkably enough, the picture above is from the December 14th edition of the Fond du Lac Reporter, the worst newspaper in the history of man. I'd say it's pretty embarrassing that I was able to call the headline, which is just another sign of how predictable and brutal this publication is. If the newspaper industry truly is dying, than the Fond du Lac Reporter was the first domino to fall, as it's been putting out editions smaller than your weekly work newsletter for years now. It's so bad that it's more commonly known as "The Repeater", and people that subscribe to it are actually looked down upon in the community.

Sadly, I am one of those people. About three months ago I was heading over to my buddy's house and on the way I stopped for some soda and snacks, fuel for our planned day of doing nothing but watching football. As I was at the grocery store - a run-down Piggly Wiggly of course - I was asked if I wanted a free newspaper. By saying yes to that very fateful question, I did receive $15 in gift cards to the Pig, but I've also been getting the Reporter at my doorstep for three months as well. That is, when the newspaper carrier remembers to drop one off at my house.

Actually, I shouldn't be so hard on my local paper. I guess I did write the word "Bear" in quotation marks, whereas they just choose to hyphenate the word. My bad, Reporter.


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