Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kobe Bryant is a Douche

Since I'm still bitter about what happened in the Bucks game on Wednesday I will be just doing bullet points for the game. Oh yeah and by the way Kobe made this shot with no time left to give the Lakers a 107-106 win in overtime. Lame.

* The Bucks won this game in my head. Kobe should have never got that 3 point play on the second to last possession of the game. There's no way what he did to get that wasn't a travel, and then he laid out Bogut. Plus, Kobe called his one "And 1". Let the officials ref the game Kobe, not your stupid ass.

* Why can't the Bucks ever close out games when they have the chance? The Bucks scored 2 points in the final 3:56 of regulation when they had a 5 point lead at the time. Then in overtime the Bucks were up 106-100 with 1:24 left and they don't score the rest of the game, while Kobe scored the final 7 points of the game.

* Ersan had a career high 24 points so congrats to him for that. But he also missed two free throws late in overtime that would have put the Bucks up three. So no player of the game for you. If you can't make your free throws then you shouldn't be playing late in the game.

* Redd is definitely back and he made some big shots. I have been rough on him because I feel that he just doesn't fit well with this team. He showed me tonight though that he still has some gas left in the tank. He finished with a team high 25 off the bench. Lets give him the Bucks POTG award.

* Why are you so good Pau Gasol, and how did you ever get traded to the Lakers? He just did work tonight we have no one to match up against him. Everyone we put on him would just foul him. I really don't know why they even let other people take shots. Gasol ended the game with 26 points and 22 rebounds. Yeah that will get you the Hunter of the Night.

* Last but not least Kobe. I can't stand him making these lucky fade aways at the end of games and then watching people just love this guy. He is a great player don't get me wrong but that final shot at the end of regulation was just awful. Bell was all in his grill and it wasn't even close. He didn't look to pass at all or give it low to Gasol.

* The Lakers took 33 free throws, but those loser Laker fans still felt that Skiles was paying the refs. Bear, a once-per-year TBC contributor, was on the ESPN Message Boards and all the Lakers fans felt that the game was called uneven. Wow if I haven't heard that from a fan of any team in L.A. Worst fans in the games are the ones that buy the expensive seats and don't know how to face the fact of team playing better than yours for one night. Every time the Lakers get beat its not how the other team played well, it's instead how bad the refs were. Real cheese comes from real cows and real cows come from Wisconsin. Fake fans are rich and don't know anything about the game and fake fans come from California. (Winks Note: I have no idea what he fucking means by this.)

I can't do this anymore, the Bucks play the Cavs on Friday in Cleveland. Good luck Bucks, because you are going to need it as the Cavs are tough at home. See you all for my rant about how much Lebron James making game winners blows and Cleveland fans suck. The Bucks fall to one game under .500 going to 11-12. Check out other stats below.


Tony Brown said...

What made it worse was all the damn Lakers fans at the Bradley Center. C'mon Milwaukee, go out and get your Jennings or Bogut jerseys.

Anonymous said...

I dont really wonder why certain calls go against the bucks anymore. The nba is not much different that wrestling is, in that it is clearly fixed. e.g. Tim Donaughy

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