Thursday, December 10, 2009

Morry Gash is Taking Names

One of the first running jokes we had on this site was our appreciation for Morry Gash, the Associated Press photographer who we soon realized was the go-to guy for Wisconsin sports. Whenever we were looking for pictures for recaps be it the Bucks, Brewers, Badgers, or Packers, it seemed as if Morry Gash was always there, and we appreciated his work. Sometimes though, we'd go for a week or two without a Morry Gash sighting, and we'd start to wonder where he was. There are other good photographers in Wisconsin, but few as good as Morry Gash.

So far, I believe I've typed Morry Gash more in one paragraph than it's ever been typed before in any sort of writing, but deservedly so. Morry Gash is the latest photojournalist to have his picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated, an honor that many cameramen have lucked into. But with Gash, it's a little different, as his photo of Wisconsin Badgers running back John Clay graces the cover of the issue featuring the best sports photos of 2009. So, basically, Gash took the best picture of the year.

Maybe that's debatable, but it is an awesome picture, and much congratulations to Morry Gash. I don't know much about the man other than that he likes to take pictures of sporting events in Wisconsin, and I think that's enough for me. I have an image in my head of Gash being this bad-ass, almost biker looking dude that just shows up and snaps excellence, and I don't want to change that. So good work, Morry Gash, and may you continue kicking ass behind the lens.


Anonymous said...

One thing Morry is not: biker-looking dude. He is a biker (or at least had one when I knew him). He also is irreverent, and one of his fav songs is "Bad to the Bone."

Anonymous said...

If Morry was a biker he'd ride a Vespa. The dude isw a pro's pro with his Canon tho....

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