Monday, December 14, 2009

Packers Mistakenly Give Collins' Extension to Chillar

The chatter has been growing louder all season, and it got even more recognizable after Sunday's Packers win in Chicago. With the Bears driving, one of the Packers best defenders made a key interception to help the Packers get the go ahead touchdown. Was it Brandon Chillar? No, that dude hardly ever plays. Actually it was Nick Collins, the Packers superb safety who is still looking for a contract extension.

Okay, so Chillar does actually play quite a bit on some of our sub defensive packages, and he's actually been a very good player. It's just that when the news broke of Chillar being signed to a 4-year, $21 million dollar extension, Packers fans collectively went "Um, ok."

For all the crap Ted Thompson gets about not signing free agents, Chillar has actually turned out to be a quality signing. Sure, he's not a starter, but he provides great depth for a linebacking core that is getting better with each passing week, and I welcome the signing. The Packers have a ton of money anyways, so why not lock up some of these types of players.

The argument of how much money we have though is one of the main reasons we're still wondering why Nick Collins hasn't been signed. Collins is set to be a restricted free agent at the end of the season, but we all know that he deserves a contract as much as anybody, especially much more than Chillar does.

Either way, the Chillar signing is big because nobody knows where A.J. Hawk or Desmond Bishop will be after next season, so it's good to keep whatever part of that core that you can in tact. So while I'm pro on the Chillar signing, I better be writing a Collins extension article real soon too.


Unknown said...

Chiller gets burned too much in coverage. I think he's a good player when the other team runs and thats about it. Not sure if he's worth 5.25 M a year.

Not as bad as the KGB signing but I really don't like this that much.

Unknown said...

chillar, gitt'n pwnd by dlove


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