Friday, December 4, 2009

Quick Thoughts: World Cup Draw

It might be the most talked about soccer game in the United States international history, and now the rematch is going to take place a full sixty years later. Three generations after the U.S. shocked England 1-0 in the 1950 World Cup, the two sides will face off June 12th for their opening match in Group C. Let the hype begin, because I'm already salivating over the matchup between these two frienemies.

The United States actually got a very good draw, Slovenia and Algeria round out the group. By first impressions, it would be a colossal failure if the United States didn't advance from this thing, but I think Sam's Army will be ready. Expect the United States to schedule some tough friendlies in the months leading up to the Cup.

If we can take care of Algeria and Slovenia, then the game against England will be the one for all the marbles. Based on how the tournament is set up, the second place team from this group will play the winner of Group D, and that will likely be Germany. I'd rather that not happen right away, so it's important that the States find a way to win that first game.

I'd say the odds for U.S. success are better than they've ever been. The draw was excellent, America just performed well this summer in the Confederations Cup which also took place in South Africa, and this figures to be the best team we've ever put out on the pitch. There's a ton of time to speculate and to see what will happen, but one thing is for sure, I can already hardly wait. I'll have early predictions and such up sometime this weekend.


Tony Brown said...

It was pretty much all we could ask for - a big match against England which fans and the media will get excited about and two teams we should be able to qualify ahead of.

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