Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rodgers Leads Packers into Pro Bowl

One of my favorite nights of the year is the annual playing of the Pro Bowl, even though it's a game that seemingly no one besides me likes to watch. There's just something I love about watching my favorite stars half-ass rush the quarterback and seeing guys generally just not try in a football game while wearing hideous jerseys, I don't know why. Usually I love to see at least three or four Packers in the Pro Bowl, but this year, I hope to see none.

Quite simply that reason is because the Pro Bowl has been moved up this year to a week before the Super Bowl, and I'd obviously rather see the Packers resting their guys that week then I would watching them in an exhibition game. But if my some misfortune the Packers season was indeed over by that time, then we know that at least three of them will have a ticket to Miami for the Pro Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers, Charles Woodson, and Nick Collins were all named to the initial roster, with Woodson getting the nod as a starter. The three Packers pale in comparison to the eight Vikings that were selected, but it's still a nice achievement nonetheless. If for some reason some of the starters are either in the Super Bowl or decide not to go, the Packers also got a few alternates names as well. Clay Matthews was named a first alternative, while Ryan Grant, Chad Clifton, and A.J. Hawk were all named as secondary alternates (yeah, I don't know why either).


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