Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winks Thinks: The Never-Ending Cycle Edition

Hopefully by now you've all realized just how sorry I am for last week's Winks Thinks, the one where I tried to talk about Christmas movie remakes. I was rushed, had a lack of ideas, and when I finally did think of something worthwhile I executed it poorly. But, each passing week brings another shot at redemption, and hopefully I succeed this week. Lots to talk about this week, specifically regarding the BCS mess, as it's so often referred to. Not only do I complain about the bowl matchups, but I complain about complaining about them, so that should be fun to read. Also, thoughts on the Badgers horrible loss to UW-Green Bay, WWE PPV predictions, and a reference to a 1987 movie that only Bear will enjoy. Is the suspense killing you yet? Well, no need to wait, go check out this week's edition of Winks Thinks.


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