Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Draw Today

It better be a Charlize Theron type of day over at the Sports Bubbler today, because the beauty is going to be on hand in her native South Africa for the 2010 World Cup Draw (cue the "Mr. F" theme from Arrested Development). The draw is like the NBA draft lottery only times 100, and the whole world is watching rather than just the thirteen cities with the crappiest basketball teams. It takes place today on ESPN2 at 11am, and as of this writing I'm still debating whether or not I take my first sick day at my new job (I won't, I'm a pussy).

The World Cup Draw works as follows. There are four eight team "pots", and each group at the Cup will include a team from each respective pot. The groups will feature one team from Europe, one team from either Africa or South America, one team from either North America, Asia, or New Zealand, and then either the host team or one of the top ranked teams. That means there's no chance that the United States will be in a group with Mexico or Honduras, two of the teams they faced in qualifying.

Best case scenario for the United States is that they get in a group with South Africa, which is considered to be one of the worst host teams ever. Being in a group with them would get them out of a group with one of the top ranked teams - Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, or England. Worst case scenario is that they get in a group with any one of those games and then a team like France. France actually could have been in the top group, but FIFA kind of redid the requirements to avoid the whole hand ball controversy. So, yeah.

We'll have analysis here at The Bucky Channel as soon as the groups are unveiled. And by that I mean, sometime on Sunday night I'll finally get around to it.


Admiral Ackbar, S.J. said...

Sorry Bart no Charlize today. If anything I should have gone with some hot redhead in honor of Ireland getting screwed over.

Brian McBride said...

If the US was in the group of death last cup, what do you call the easiest group that they drew this year?

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