Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010, The Year of The Buck?

Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves, but it a new year could bring a new attitude to this team.

Some of the guys who should be stepping up for this team came to play in the first game of the new year. Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut either decided that this would be the Bucks year, or more likely that if you get paid a lot you should, you know, play harder. They just came out Saturday night with a lot of heart, and I'm pretty sure that Redd played huge because I decided to play "Heart of a Champion" by Nelly while Redd went off. Maybe not, but it's about time he comes to play a game for the Bucks.

One of the other new things I saw from the Bucks were the new adidas game time shooting shirts. Maybe these awesome warm ups gave the Bucks some more game time power, but either way the Bucks played another solid first half. They had the lead for most of the half until the final seconds when the Thunder took a one point lead into the locker room.

Things looked even more gloomy after that when OKC came out with an 11-2 run to start the third. At that point, it just felt like the Bucks were going to do the standard tank job in the third quarter. Skiles decided then to call a timeout, and he must have given a hell of a speech to get the guys fired up. The Bucks answered with a 9-0 run of their own. This got them right back into the thick of the game. The two key guys of that run were Jennings and Mbah a Moute. Jennings had 6 of the 9 points, and Mbah a Moute had the other three. The Bucks would cut their deficit to 2 after three quarters.

The fourth quarter was a slow defensive quarter. Kevin Durant tied the game at 88 with a jumper and 2:32 left in the game. Well, little did we know at that time that was going to be the last basket of regulation. Durant missed a 30 foot three pointer that had no chance of going in at the buzzer. The fans got some free basketball to start the new year.

In overtime Redd came to play, scoring the Bucks first 6 points of overtime. Russell Westbrook made an 8 foot jumper to bring the Thunder within 1 point, but Luke Ridnour made a huge layup to give the Bucks the lead for good. After that the Bucks played good defense not allowing OKC to score, and also made three out of four free throws to secure the victory.

Lets take a look at some the of the highlights from Saturday's 103-97 win.

* Michael Redd was on fire Saturday. He finished the game with 27 points and 7 rebounds which for him is awesome. He also had to good tip aways when the Thunder had 3-1 breaks. He just looked like his old self again, shooting 12-23 from the field.

* Andrew Bogut sighting on 4th street in Milwaukee on Saturday night. Bogut finished 23 points, 15 rebounds and he shot 5-6 from the free throw line. We really need him to start making his throws. Still, his night is good enough to earn him the Bucks POTG.

* Jennings, Ridnour, and Warrick had good games too. Combined these guys put up 39 points, 16 rebounds, 9 assists. Always a good thing to get some help from your friends.

* Kevin Durant is a stud. The guy just always puts up huge numbers. He did it again Saturday night scoring 31 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 blocks. This will earn him the Hunter of the Night award for his play.

* Best stat of the night: The Bucks only had 9 turnovers this will help them win more games too.

Again, a good way to start 2010 for the Bucks and lets hope they can keep this play up. A good team effort Saturday night helped them get the win. They play in New Jersey on Tuesday, and then come home for a game against the Bulls Friday, before going on a 6 game west coast trip. I never like the west coast trips so the Bucks better win these next two games. For the rest of the stats, if you would like to see them, click the link below.

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