Thursday, January 14, 2010

Badgers Beat Northwestern, Thank God

If anyone gets the brunt of my criticism more than the good people of Central Wisconsin, it's the University of Northwestern Wildcats. It's pretty common knowledge that I'm not a very big Northwestern fan, and a loss to them on Wednesday would have absolutely crushed the inner workings of my soul. I was a big worried for two reasons. One, because playing Northwestern at their place after our big win against Purdue had trap game written all over it and two, they were beating us for most of the game.

I'm not sure what I would have done if Northwestern had beaten the Badgers basketball team and football team in the same season. I guess that could still happen later in the season, but I feel more confident with the next game being at the Kohl Center. Things looked rough for their first meeting though, as the Wildcats stayed in the lead for most of the game until Trevon Hughes put the Badgers on his back and carried them to a 60-50 victory.

In college basketball, you without a doubt play your heart out in every game, but things get a bit magnified when you're a senior. Every game is another last of something, and Trevon Hughes was not going to let his team lose in their last visit to Northwestern, especially with how well this team has been playing. Hughes hit four three-pointers in the second half to not only put the Badgers in the lead, but to give them a much-needed win on the road. Again, Thank God.

Next up for the Badgers is a rematch against the improving Ohio State Buckeyes, this Saturday night at 7:00pm on the Big Ten Network.


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