Monday, January 11, 2010

Badgers Continue Their Climb

The Wisconsin Badgers are getting pretty comfortable at knocking off Top Ten opponents, and if they keep it up long enough they're going to be one themselves. The Badgers continued their climb up the college basketball rankings this Monday, as they've vaulted to #16 in the ESPN/USA Today poll, but also to #13 in the Associated Press version (The Bucky Channel officially recognizes whichever poll the Badgers are ranked higher in, by the way).

It's a trend the Bucks can hopefully keep up this week, as they've got Northwestern on Wednesday and then travel to Ohio State later in the week. The Buckeyes are a team we can beat, we've seen that earlier this season, and Northwestern is a joke of a university so I have no doubts about that game either. Two wins this week probably won't get the Badgers up to the top ten, but if they can stay hot up until their rematch against Purdue on the 28th, then you might find this Badgers team as one of the elite squads in college basketball this season. Although that could be more difficult with top scorer Jon Leuer sidelined indefinitely.

As for Marquette, they received a total of eleven votes between the two polls, so that's something.


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