Thursday, January 28, 2010

Badgers Lose at Purdue, Again

Despite the long-distance shooting efforts of my boy, Keaton Nankivil, the Badgers fell just short to the Boilermakers on Purdue's home floor, something that is basically a perennial truth. Before every season begins, you're almost better off just writing a big fat "L" next to the date that says "@ Purdue", because unless the Badgers really play their asses off, they are going to lose that game. Just like the Badgers don't lose to unranked Big Ten teams at home, the Badgers don't win at Purdue. If there's one thing you can say about Bo Ryan's teams, it's that they are consistent. The Badgers constantly losing to the Boilermakers on the road is one of those models of consistency.

Not that they don't get close. Thursday night the Badgers had about as good as a chance as ever, as they actually did lead Purdue by one late in the second half. This was thanks to an insane night beyond the arc from the 6'8" Nankivil, who ended the night with 25 points, 21 of them coming off the three-ball. Unfortunately though, Purdue was dominant from about the halfway mark in the second half up until the final whistle. Trevon Hughes had a couple of chances late to give the Badgers the rare victory, but it was not to be. At the final buzzer, it was Purdue 60, Wisconsin 57. Another year, another loss at Purdue.

Again though, the loss isn't the worst thing in the world, and it shouldn't hurt the Badgers too much in the polls. It might drop them back down to #20, but no further. It's their only game this week, and the Badgers could use the rest as they have another big game against Big Ten leading Michigan State next Tuesday, again on ESPN. The game is at 8pm, as much as I love the Badgers, there is no chance in hell I'm watching that game. Season Six Premiere of Lost that night, come on!

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