Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brewers Hope Not to Suck on National TV Again

It's always fun to watch the Brewers play with a different set of graphics on the screen than the FSN Wisconsin set we are used to, but last year that actually couldn't have been further from the truth. The Brewers seemingly were destroyed every time they played in front of a national audience last season, but they'll get plenty of chances to redeem themselves in 2010 with a slew of national TV dates right off the bat.

Usually changes are made to the schedule throughout the season, but for the first couple of months outlets like FOX and ESPN do decide on which games they are going to broadcast. For the time being, here are the games that will be shown on national television:

Saturday, April 10th - vs. St. Louis Cardinals - 2:10pm (Fox)

Saturday, April 11th - vs. St. Louis Cardinals - 7:10pm (ESPN)

Saturday, May 15th - vs. Philadelphia Phillies - 3:10pm (Fox)

Sunday, May 16th - vs. Philadelphia Phillies - 7:10pm (ESPN)

Saturday, June 5th - @ St. Louis Cardinals - 3:10pm (Fox)

Saturday, July 3rd - @ St. Louis Cardinals - 3:10pm (Fox)

So, that's kind of cool. In other news, with this upcoming season being the 40th anniversary of the Brewers franchise and all, there's been some talk about not only the throwback uniforms they'll be wearing but also possible uniform changes for the future. Kind of a neat article if you have a few minutes.


Jeff in Madison said...

The uniforms on that link are ugly as hell. The uni's they wear now look good.

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