Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bucks Cut Down Nets

Look at that new haircut Mr. Jennings is supporting. I guess all I can say about it is the Bucks are 1-0 with his new look. The only time the Bucks didn't look good Tuesday night was right away when the Nets got out to an 8-0 run. Milwaukee would end the first quarter on an 8-0 run of their own, and never look back after that. This is a huge game for the Bucks, because the games that come down to the wire will start to take a toll on this team. No starter played more than 30 minutes. They need this rest for the big west coast trip that is coming up.

The Bucks used a team effort in the first half of the game. Jennings led the way with all of his 9 points being scored in the first half. Delfino, Warrick, and Ridnour also played very well in the first half more on them later. They held a nice 52-41 lead at half, and all they had to do was coast the rest of the way.

In the second half Andrew Bogut decided to show up and get in on the beating. Bogut scored 14 of his team high 18 points in the second half. The second half was also the same story as the first, because the Bucks never let this thing get close. The Bucks would go on to crush the Nets 98-76. The Bucks only gave up 35 points in the second half as they stepped up the defense.

Lets take a look at some highlights from the game Tuesday night.

* Bucks bench came to play Tuesday night. Warrick, Ridnour, and Delfino combined for 41 points for the Bucks. We are going to do a first here at The Bucky Channel. Lets give all three of these guys a Bucks POTG. Also combined they had a +/- of +69 that is just crazy.

* Team game Tuesday night for the Bucks. All 12 players that came into the game made at least 1 shot from the field.

* One guy that didn't make a shot for the Bucks was Roko Ukic. This is because on Monday he was released by the Bucks. This move will save the Bucks about 2 million in cap room. I think he was upset about not playing so he asked to be released so he could go play in Europe. It worked for Jennings so best of luck for him.

* Yi Jianlian the former Buck played well Tuesday night. He finished the game with a team high 22 points. He shot well from the field and free throw line, but didn't really put up other stats. I think Yi will be a guy that can put up points, but lacks rebounding, staying out of foul trouble. Lets give him the Hunter of the Night award for his efforts.

* Rafer Alston was bought out of his contract and cut Tuesday before the game for the Nets. Another former Buck that things are not going very well for him right now. I did see however that he may sign with the Heat so if that comes true I would say this are working out for him.

* Fun Stat of the night. Bucks have yet to turn the ball over more than 9 times in 2010. I know it is only 2 games, but lets hope they can keep it up.

Overall just a beating the Bucks put on New Jersey Tuesday. It was great to see a lot of people get into the game, and save the starters for the up coming road trip. Bucks still have to one more home game before the trip. They have off till Friday when they host the Bulls at the Bradley Center. So since the Bucks have a little time off check out the Badgers and Marquette Wednesday as they both take on tough teams. Wisconsin has Michigan St., while Marquette has G-town. For the rest of the box scores from Tuesday nights Bucks game click the link below.


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