Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Bucky Five: Let's Do This Thing For Real Already

1. Haven't We Seen This Before? - I had to check myself after the Packers took a 38-10 lead into half-time, because I didn't think it was possible to be that excited in August. On both the Aaron Kampman and Jordy Nelson touchdowns, I was cheering at or above normal regular season cheering levels. I wasn't cheering because I wanted to have a good preseason record, I was cheering because we are seeing now just how good this team can be.

Obviously, that last paragraph isn't reflective of the Packers 33-7 victory over the Cardinals on Sunday, but other than the score and some of the statistics, there wasn't really that much of a difference between what this meant compared to the two teams matchup in the preseason. Both games had zero bearing on the Packers postseason chances, and winning this game didn't really do much for the Packers except keep up some of their momentum and give them an 11 win season. Obviously, no doubt that is a good thing, but beating the Cardinals at home twice this season has me worried about trying to do it a third time.

I realize that this a completely different situation than say the time we beat the Vikings twice in the regular season only to lose to them at home in the playoffs, but there is something about the mere fact of facing a team for a third time in the season that is unsettling. On the other hand, a win like this keeps the Packers momentum rolling and also lets the Cardinals know that even playing a bit reserved we can still beat them by a substantial margin. That being said, I don't think the Cardinals gave two shits about what happened in the game, and I'm not even sure they tried.

Early prediction though, with the way the Packers have been playing and with this new swagger they've developed in the second half of the season, I think the Packers will be able to come out of Arizona with a win next season. I still ultimately think that a 3rd matchup with Favre and the Vikings is inevitable, and that is actually a situation where I think the Vikings should be worried that we've lost to them twice this year.

2. Woodson For MVP - If you watched any of the postgame, you may have been treated to when the entire Packers locker room started the "MVP" chant in honor of Charles Woodson. Woodson then did some sort of dance in his underwear on national television, and please don't question my sexuality but that dance made me love him even more. Woodson picked off his ninth ball of the year and took it back to the end zone for the third time this season. That makes seven return touchdowns as a Packer, a new Green Bay record. This guy is an absolute godsend on defense, and I hope to see him win that defensive MVP award. I can't think of too many more guys that are as valuable to their team's defense than Woodson is.

3. Stop the Rush - Another Packers record was set today, as the 2009 defense has allowed less rush yards per game than any version in Green Bay history. It's a testament to Dom Capers and the new 3-4 defense, which I think we can all say obviously was a success. Yeah, the 500+ yards to Roethlisberger was a little concerning, but this defense is excellent at stopping the run and great at creating turnovers, two things which may prove to be of great value in the playoffs. Plus, add interceptions by Bigby and Williams, the Packers first safety since 2001, and a shutout that was held until the final minutes after a long interception return by Arizona, and you can see why teams might be nervous to play Green Bay in the postseason.

4. Staying Healthy - Had the Packers lost any of their guys for the playoffs in a Wes Welker style fashion, this might have been a depressing Bucky Five. But everyone has seemed to make it out of the game healthy, even Chuck Woodson who dinged up his shoulder a bit. Thankfully for that reason, this bullet point is a short one.

5. Badgers Knock Off Penn State - Not a whole lot you can analyze about the Packer game, so I thought I'd use this chance to just mention that the Badgers stayed hot with a 63-46 victory over Penn State. With two solid victories to start off the Big Ten, expect the Badgers to be ranked in both polls once the rankings come out Monday. Good time to be a Wisconsin sports fan right now, surprisingly.


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