Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Bucky Ten: Catching Up For the New Year

10. Happy New Years - I can't say I really planned taking about a week and a half off of The Bucky Channel, but that's what happens when Christmas and New Years give you reasons to constantly drink all the time. Either way, I just thought I'd try to catch up with some of the things I've missed by not blogging in the last week, and maybe catch you guys up as well if you've been in the same stupor like me.

By the way, I do hope that everyone did have a good New Year's, and that you all made it home safe at the very least. My celebration to ring in the new decade wasn't too extravagant, but it was enjoyable. The highlight had to be right at midnight, as I was about to give my date for the night a kiss that I had been promising would be incredible throughout the entire day (yes, I do unflattering things like this with women). Just as the ball was reaching it's final minute before dropping, guess who walked in the bar but my mother and father, an event which would seemingly ruin a perfectly romantic moment. Well, I don't get too many chances to lay a thick smooch on a lovely lady's lips, so I let it fly right in front of the rents, desperately trying to block out any insane awkwardness that moment should have created. Gotta ring in the new year in style, right?

Also, I'm pretty sure I used the above video last year for a New Year's post, but it's a great song, so whatever.

9. McKenzie Cut By Saints - I really don't think it's a big deal that Mike McKenzie was cut by the Saints, I just wanted to vent about something that has been perturbing me about the whole McKenzie thing this season. Every time that this dipshit comes up in the news, ProFootballTalk talks about how he'd be a good fit for the Packers defense. Sure, we could use a cornerback and McKenzie is a cornerback, but how does a guy who breathes football for a living forget that McKenzie hates Green Bay more than the Montagues hate the Capulets (unnecessary Romeo and Juliet reference to make me look learned). Seriously, I would love to add Mikey Mac for some depth, but he despises Titletown. Hopefully the Vikings don't sign him though, that would be annoying.

8. Cardinals Looking at Lopez - Anytime that I tried to make my predictions for the 2010 Brewers roster last season, I always included Felipe Lopez and I always included him in the outfield. Lopez is a guy that really can play anything you want him too, and for that reason as well as how he was the only non-Prince Fielder Brewer that could bat in the second half, I wanted him to come back this year. But the Brewers had other plans for whatever reason, and it would pain me to see Lopez not only head to a division rival, but to the dreadfully annoying Cardinals.

7. Colts Purposely Deny the Undefeated Streak - Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that the Colts don't care about going undefeated this season, and that they are more focused on winning a Super Bowl. But that's the thing. Because the Colts sat their starters in the first half and almost purposely lost the game against the Jets, they now have to win the Super Bowl. I mean, they honestly did not want to win that game, at least Jim Caldwell didn't. You know how much pressure the Patriots had them to go 19-0 and win the Super Bowl against the Giants? Well, I think the Colts actually have more pressure on them this year, because they are the team that said fuck you to 16-0 and would rather win the Super Bowl. It's an interesting strategy, and I don't disagree with what they did, but if I'm in that position, I play to win. You should always play to win. I like that the Colts care about the grand prize more than the regular season accolades, but you should never go into a game hoping to lose, and that's exactly what Indianapolis did last weekend.

6. Comeback Cats - I just wanted to take this time to talk a little Sabres hockey, because they are having an incredible season. Their game on New Year's Day was no exception, as the Sabres saw themselves down 3-0 to the Atlanta Trashers only to come back and win 4-3 in overtime. This win came after two exciting wins against Pittsburgh and St. Louis, and the Sabres are now comfortable as the second seed in the East right now. I've been quite anti about hockey in my life, but now that I finally have a horse in the race, I absolutely can not wait until the playoffs. I hate to say it, but Sabres hockey may overtake the start of the Brewers season on my television this spring. Good thing I have two TV's in my living room though.

5. Fantasy Playoffs - Sidebar, if you are still playing fantasy football in week seventeen, than you need to seriously consider the merits of your league. If you're going to do that, you might as well start your season in week four of the preseason, because it is pointless. It's just a shame that someone is going to win their league this week because they started Michael Bush over Joseph Addai, it's really just a shame.

4. Saturday, For the Pack? - No matter what happens to the Packers in their game against Arizona this weekend, all signs point to a Saturday contest on NBC for the Green and Gold in the opening round of the playoffs. The Packers are usually a big national draw, so a Saturday night game is more likely than the afternoon affair, and I am praying to God they play at night (as I work on Saturday afternoons). But apparently Saturday is nearly a for sure thing, as McCarthy is even preparing his team for it already.

3. Marquette But No Cigar - Okay, so that really doesn't make sense. But whatever. There's been a lot of questions as to how good this Marquette team would be this season, and after this we know that they are right there, but still not close enough. Marquette played two top ten opponents this week, West Virginia and Villanova, and lost to them by a combined total of three points. Both the losses actually came in pretty heartbreaking fashion, but hopefully the Golden Eagles can learn from these losses so that it will make them tougher come postseason time. If MU wins these games, they'd be ranked in the top fifteen this week for sure, but with the losses I don't expect them to crack the ranking for awhile yet.

2. Badgers Knock Off The Ohio State University - We'll get to the bowl game in a second, but this might have been just as big of a victory for the University of Wisconsin Madison this week. What a great week it was for Badgers athletics, thanks in part to the basketball team's 65-43 thrashing of Ohio State. Buckeyes coaching Thad Matta even said after the game that the Badgers "had their way" with them. It was a win the Badgers were able to pull off even with their leading scorer Jon Leuer on the bench for most of the first half, but he responded with 11 points in the second to help seal the deal against the number fifteen team in the country. It was a mildly unexpected victory for Wisconsin, but a great way to open Big Ten play.

1. Badgers Knock Off The U - Even though I vowed not to watch any college football ever again until their is a reasonable postseason system, I caved and watch the Badgers take on Miami for the first time in twenty years, and I'm glad I did. Things didn't look pretty right away after the Hurricanes took back the opening kickoff, had that called back for holding, but subsequently scored on the next play to take a 7-0 lead. But the defense stepped up after that, and the Badgers had real nice performances out of The Lance Kendricks and John Clay and got the 20-14 victory. With the Badgers likely returning most of their starters next season, this is going to be a good team and I expect them to be ranked pretty high in the preseason rankings especially after their win against Miami. It was a quality victory on a nationally televised game, and those kind of games are always good for the future of the program. I promise you now that I will give you more extensive coverage of the Badgers football team season. At least until they lose, because college football is stupid and I don't really care about the Champs Sports Bowl no matter how much they try to make me.

So with that, and a Bucks post coming up from Gweeds, I think we're about all caught up here on The Bucky Channel. I know coverage has been lacking lately, but taking this site to the next level (i.e. spell checking my posts more) is a new year's resolution of mine. Glad to have you with us.

Happy New Year.


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